Listen To Natalie Portman Sing A Sia Track For The Vox Lux Soundtrack

The latter months of 2018 have brought a series of character studies of what it means for musicians to become superstars through A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody. The upcoming indie, Vox Lux will continue to explore the different facets of fame, this time with Natalie Portman playing a fictional jaded pop star named Celeste who is looking for a comeback. Now you can listen to a key song to the film called "Wrapped Up," and it shows off the beautiful vocals that we never knew Portman had. Check it out:

Vox Lux is slated to be a powerful pop epic with a glam Portman taking the stage to perform a slew of original songs penned by the woman behind the platinum blonde wig, Sia. If you needed any other indication that Portman is an incredible chameleon of an actress, this song is it. The stunning ballad from Sony Music Entertainment gives us a taste of the musical style of the character at center stage in Vox Lux, Celeste. It's a stripped down and emotional track backed with piano and electro-pop influences.

Sia has been placing her signature on more and more film soundtracks with her own songs, like the Fifty Shades films and A Wrinkle in Time. Vox Lux had the real-life popstar composing all the original songs for the album, along with Scott Walker's score.

After listening to "Wrapped Up," the excitement for Vox Lux has certainly made me more excited for the release and will likely get some fans of Sia's onboard to see the drama. Although Natalie Portman has stolen the spotlight regarding the buzz for the film, Vox Lux will have two acts. The first will have 16-year-old Raffey Cassidy playing a young Celeste as she gains viral stardom after singing the song at a memorial service following a violent tragedy at her high school.

Natalie Portman will then pick up the second act of the film as an unhinged pop sensation now in her late 30's and ready to revitalize her career. When she sings "Wrapped Up" for an arena of fans, it will be the throwback hit that started it all.

Vox Lux will see Natalie Portman donning a Lady Gaga-type look and dealing with the struggles that come with fame, with her manager, played by Jude Law, at her side. Raffey Cassidy will also be present in the second act of the film as Celeste's teenaged daughter in what looks to be an artsy, emotional and bold release.

The Vox Lux soundtrack promises a total of six original tracks sung by Natalie Portman and four by Raffee Cassidy, but they may not all be performed at length in the film. Either way, it looks to be exciting new facet for audiences to see Natalie Portman explore. Vox Lux is in select theaters today and the complete soundtrack will come out on December 14.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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