First Vox Lux Trailer Reveals Natalie Portman’s Jaded Singer

Natalie Portman has been no stranger to a stunning and powerful performance, most strikingly with her Oscar-winning role in 2010's Black Swan and as Mrs. Kennedy in 2017's Jackie. With award season just around the corner, the actress looks to making a strong case for a contender in her latest role in indie drama, Vox Lux. The upcoming film has Portman as a glittery pop performer looking to pull off a comeback on stage, but some volatility stirs under the surface of the public eye. Take a look:

Goosebumps anyone? This trailer for Vox Lux debuted by Neon is a jaw-dropping and artful teaser for a performance by Natalie Portman that looks not to be missed. The first trailer opens with Girls alum Christopher Abbott asking Portman's character Celeste about the past few emotional years, and Celeste alludes to in her answer, explaining there was some sort of "accident". While she looks quite troubled throughout the trailer, she hopes to pick herself up and have a rebirth in her career with an upcoming show. Celeste is seen in sparkly Lady Gaga-type makeup and clothes approaching a stage gazed upon by thousands of fans excited to see her perform.

In Vox Lux, Celeste attempts to overcome a scandal shoving her back in the public eye, which she seems not too happy about. Just look at the scene when she furiously bangs on a table after a fan politely asks if he could take a picture with her. Natalie Portman's unhinged pop persona is surrounded by her manager played by Jude Law and her daughter, played by Tomorrowland's Raffey Cassidy. Vox Lux was written and directed by actor-filmmaker Brady Corbet who previously helmed The Childhood of a Leader in 2015.

Much to the surprise of many after watching this trailer, Natalie Portman isn't the lead of the film. The first half of the film will have 16-year-old Raffey Cassidy playing a young Celeste (before appearing as her daughter), as she suffers a violent tragedy at her high school. Celeste gains viral popularity as a teen when she sings at a memorial service, thus starting her career as a pop sensation. The film follows a two-act storyline for the characters, with Portman picking up the story later in the star's career. The trailer handles the first half in a muted fashion, gracefully showing small cuts like flashbacks for the singer as Portman powerfully carries the teaser.

Come the Oscars, look for Natalie Portman potentially finding a spot in the Best Supporting Actress category. The film looks to have her disappearing into a completely new role for her, along with taking some bold swings film-wise. Because the pop persona is fictional, the movie can take the film a lot of different directions and push the limits of a typical movie about a pop star, such as Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody or upcoming Elton John movie Rocketman might have the means to. Vox Lux comes to theaters on December 7.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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