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John Krasinski Reveals Which A Quiet Place Scene Convinced Him The Movie Was Going To Work

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

Although we can look back and check out reviews and box office and fan reactions and realize A Quiet Place does work even with its lack of dialogue, especially for people who showed up in theaters, it wasn't always super clear the film was going to come together well. In fact, John Krasinski said in an interview that he and those involved with the movie were hopeful it would work out, but there was one particular moment on set in which it became clear to Krasinski that they were right.

It was actually a particular sign language-based scene featuring Emily Blunt that was filming when Krasinksi felt in his gut A Quiet Place was the real deal. He said:

I remember we were filming a scene where Emily was doing homeschooling with Noah [Jupe], and it was Day Three. And I had written the movie with sign language. So it was that thing of 'Can we pull this off?' But every day that went by was helpful to see it play out, other than theorize that it would be great. But in that scene, two things happened. Emily [Blunt] was obviously amazing, but one of the things is air started coming out of her mouth when she was mouthing the words as she was signing. There was something so beautiful in that. In that moment, I realized you can even communicate with breath, with no voice. That was really beautiful to me.

A Quiet Place is getting plenty of awards consideration around this time and was recently listed as one of the National Board of Reviews 10 Best Movies of 2018. Which means director John Krasinski is back on the circuit to talk about the movie that quietly made a lot of money.

He told Business Insider that it was a scene involving schooling and Emily Blunt and Noah June that really clarified A Quiet Place was working. John Krasinksi is married to Emily Blunt and he's had a lot of nice things to say about his wife during the long months he's spent talking about A Quiet Place and its sequel since its initial release last spring.

This comment, however, takes things to another level, really. He's talking about something Emily Blunt figured out how to do while signing words and mouthing them at the same time that really worked on camera. Just the fact he thought those things about his wife's work on set comes off as really romantic.

This year has been monumental for movies that have come out of nowhere to have staying power at the box office. First there was Black Panther in February. Then, there was A Quiet Place in April. While A Quiet Place didn't gross as much as the aforementioned superhero movie, only pulling in $340.7 million worldwide, it also only had a $17 million budget. So, it's certainly a success for Paramount.

It's not difficult to see why the studio would be pushing A Quiet Place during awards season. People really like it. It has a really solid premise. It's pushing horror movies to the forefront during awards season once more. Even John Krasinksi has a likability factor when he's talking about his movie that's undeniable.

The movie has earned some nominations for smaller ceremonies so far, but we'll have to wait and see if it can build enough momentum for the big leagues. Take a look at the full Golden Globe nominations or more on this year's Oscars.

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