How A Quiet Place's Producers Feel About Those Cloverfield Rumors

A Quiet Place

When it comes to secretive marketing campaigns, no one does it like Cloverfield. The franchise will announce a movie and just drop it on Netflix the same day with no warning, so you can understand how some people look at any secretive movie with some suspicion. That's what happened to A Quiet Place, a horror movie about a family that must live in silence to avoid murderous creatures who hunt by sound. It sounds like a Cloverfield-ish premise, but the movie exists entirely on its own and producer Brad Fuller told CinemaBlend that he thought the rumors that it was actually going to be part of the Cloverfield universe were kind of funny. According to Fuller...

We just kind of laughed about it, because I have no idea how that started. This was never going to be a Cloverfield movie. It was a spec script that we bought at Paramount 18 months ago and never had anything to do with Cloverfield. I don't know where that started. No one ever asked us about it. It was just one of those things where the first teaser was released and people started to play the game. I think it kind of went away when the Cloverfield movie, you know the Paradox, came out. No one's really brought it up since then but I have no idea where that started.

A Quiet Place hit theaters this weekend and it looks to be another entry of satisfying horror films that sway critics and audiences alike. Thanks to its premise of remaining silent, the movie drew plenty of attention from moviegoers and the excellent reviews brought everybody else. The movie is entirely original and isn't a part of any franchise, but that didn't stop some internet theorists from thinking it might be a lowkey Cloverfield movie. However, this was apparently never the case for the movie, even though the script came from Paramount, home of the Cloverfield movies. Producer Brad Fuller thinks the rumors mainly came from the reaction to the teaser, which had to be minimalist with the plot, but only because it had to be marketed that way.

Even though A Quiet Place isn't a part of the Cloverfield franchise currently, is it possible that it could be retooled down the line to be a Cloverfield movie? Not likely, producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form told CinemaBlend. A Quiet Place is its own world and maybe it's best that it stays that way.

Andrew Form: That's not our world. I mean that's J.J.'s world and he's carefully curating that Cloverfield world. So I don't even know if this is something that he would want.Brad Fuller: No but I think this is our world. I think John has created this amazing world with these characters and I think A Quiet Place definitely lives on its own.

It might not be a Cloverfield movie, but A Quiet Place is pretty good and you'll still enjoy it! The movie is in theaters right now.

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