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Aquaman Has A Hilarious Wonder Woman Easter Egg

Wonder Woman and Aquaman standing together in Justice League

The following contains spoilers for the post-credits scene of Aquaman.

One of the most fun things about all superhero movies is all of the easter eggs and references that tend to get littered throughout them. With the growing connected universe that both Marvel and DC are building, many references are to other characters that we know, while others are to comic book lore that only fans of the original books will even notice. Aquaman, the newest DC film, is no exception to this rule. It includes a great reference to another popular DC hero, Wonder Woman, though, hilariously, the reference claims the two characters could be an item.

The easter egg was spotted by an eagle-eyed fan and posted to Reddit. It's seen at the end of the movie, during the post-credits scene, where Black Manta has been rescued and nursed back to health. We learn that the rescuer is Dr. Stephen Shin, played by Randall Park, who is seen throughout the film as something of an Atlantis conspiracy theorist. In the final scene, we see that he's tacked up a bunch of Aquaman related newspaper headlines to his wall, including one which states "Wonder Woman Nixes Aquaman Dating Rumour."

It's a pretty funny headline, as it instantly conjures an image of Wonder Woman being chased by paparazzi and being asked who she's currently seeing. Somebody with a camera in her face asks her if it's true that she's dating Aquaman, and she shouts "no" before jumping into the air to get away from them.

Of course, as the fans on Reddit point out, the headline isn't only a funny joke. In the Flashpoint comic book alternate timeline, Wonder Woman and Aquaman actually do get together, so perhaps there's a bit more to this reference.

The last thing we heard officially was that the first movie led by Ezra Miller's Flash would be an adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline, though some reports have claimed that's no longer the case. Either way, this little easter egg is likely meant as an intentional reference to the story. The only question is if this is a hint of something we might eventually see on screen or just something for fans familiar with the comics to enjoy.

Based on the response of the director himself to the joke, it's probably just for fun.

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Why the doctor who is attempting to prove the existence of Atlantis thinks this story is important is also unclear.

Aquaman makes few overt references to the previous DC movies. There's a brief mention by Mera that Aquaman was involved in the defeat of Steppenwolf during the events of Justice League and that's about it. The movie itself is pretty self-contained, which may be part of the reason it's been so successful so far. No previous films are required viewing.

Wonder Woman herself will be back up to bat before too long. While her next starring role, Wonder Woman 1984 was originally set to debut in less than a year, it was recently pushed back to the summer of 2020.

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