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Halloween Deleted Scene Reveals What Happened To A Missing Character

Michael Myers stalking in the 2018 Halloween

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for 2018's Halloween!

In David Gordon Green's Halloween, Andi Matichak's Allyson, the granddaughter of Laurie Strode, ditches her boyfriend Cameron after an argument over him being unfaithful to her at a party during which he destroys her phone. That is the last we see of Cameron. But now a deleted scene has revealed what exactly happened to the missing character. Cameron survived, but he probably spent the night in the drunk tank after getting arrested outside the party.

The deleted scene takes place outside the party after the fight between Allyson and Cameron. The sheriff's department shows up to break up the party and enforce a curfew, getting everyone off the streets. Cameron and Allyson had been having a conversation to work through things, so when the cops tell them that they have to leave, Cameron responds with a staggering lack of self and situational awareness, mouthing off at them.

The cops -- who were already in a confrontational mood -- do not take kindly to Cameron's backtalk, and are even less forgiving because of who Cameron is. Cameron Elam is the son of Lonnie Elam, a bully from the first film, and clearly the family has a reputation in Haddonfield for being in trouble with the law. When the cops arrest Cameron, he tells his friend Oscar to make sure Allyson gets home safe. That basically leads to the walk home we saw with these two characters.

So Cameron's bad decisions didn't end with being a bad boyfriend, he went missing for the rest of the film because he had an unproductive conversation with law enforcement. That said, he missed all of the excitement and is still alive.

The cheating boyfriend is exactly the kind of character who usually meets his end in a horror movie, so Cameron dodged a major bullet. If he had obeyed the cops and left quietly, he might have met the same fate as his friend Oscar, who couldn't escape the friendzone or Michael Myers and wound up impaled to death on a fence.

You can check out the deleted scene from IGN below.

Director David Gordon Green had previously spoken about Cameron, so we knew he was alive, but this now explains what could have been considered something of a plot hole with his absence in the rest of the film. Keeping him alive wasn't just an accident either. David Gordon Green has said that there were ideas for Dylan Arnold's character that were held back to be saved for a potential sequel.

We don't know what those ideas are, but it wouldn't be surprising if we get to find out. Halloween was a huge hit and one of the year's best horror movies. There are no guarantees, but maybe we'll still get to see what happens to Cameron when he finds out that his night in jail may as well have been a luxury vacation.

Halloween is now available on Digital, and hits 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on January 15th. For all of next year's biggest movies, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

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