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Halloween Director David Gordon Green Waited A Decade To Film One Kill

Michael Myers in Blumhouse's Halloween

Spoilers ahead for Halloween.

The past few years have been great for the horror genre, as new and exciting properties were brought to audiences. Many of the most recent hits, including the Oscar winning Get Out, came to theaters courtesy of Blumhouse Productions. The horror house turned its focus on the classics in 2018, with a new Halloween sequel arriving in time for the titular holiday.

Blumhouse's Halloween was directed by David Gordon Green, who is perhaps best known for working on comedic projects. But he and writer Danny McBride are super fans of the franchise, and their Halloween was deeply influenced by John Carpenter's original flick. Green has been open about his affection for Oscar's death in the film, where the character is impaled by a fence when trying to escape Michael Myers. He's apparently waited decades for that opportunity, recently saying:

It's based on an idea I've been haunted by for 15 years. I've thought for over a decade that if I ever made a horror movie, I would have to include that moment.

You've got to admit, David Gordon Green has some serious follow through. While it may have taken a decade and change, the shot of a victim being impaled by a fence ultimately made it into Halloween. And it's one of the sequel's most horrifying moments.

Oscar's death happens at the start of Halloween's third act, where Michael Myers is going on a rampage through Haddonfield in order to kill the Strode women. After Allyson leaves the Halloween dance, Oscar follows her and even tries to make a move or two. The awkwardness of this scene is interrupted by Michael himself, and the two attempt to jump a fence and escape him. Attempt being the key word.

Oscar is stabbed by Michael at the top of the fence, and is pulled down to the sharp spikes impale him. It's gruesome, and something David Gordon Green has obviously thought about for some time. In fact, it as based off a real life image Green once saw, which never left his head. So when he got the chance to direct Halloween, he had to put that imagery into the bloody sequel.

You can see David Gordon and Danny McBride talk about Halloween's kills below, courtesy of BD Horror:

This new clip comes from the upcoming home release of Halloween. With the holidays now behind us, Blumhouse is putting out its Halloween sequel for horror fans to watch from the comfort of their own homes. Let's just hope that Michael doesn't come knocking, the day we did in that fantastic long shot.

Considering the massive box office performance of Halloween, another sequel seems inevitable. But there hasn't been any official announcements regarding that idea.

Halloween will arrive digitally on December 28th, and for home purchase on January 15th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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