Christopher McQuarrie Denies Meeting With DC Over Directing Gig

Tom Cruise in a helicopter in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It's a good week if you're a Mission: Impossible fan as we learned a couple days ago that Christopher McQuarrie would be returning to direct Tom Cruise in not one but two more films. However, on the heels of that news, DC fans became more disappointed, as it was reported McQuarrie had turned down working with DC in order to take the M:I double feature. However, the director has now come out and dismissed that report, saying it's not accurate. McQuarrie tweeted to a disappointed fan...

The stories you're reading are not accurate. That's all I can say.

Of course, at first glance, that response could be taken a couple of different ways. If the report that he turned down projects is not true, that could be because he was never offered projects, but it could also be that he did not turn them down. However, in later responses on Twitter, Christopher McQuarrie says anything we hear or hope regarding DC is "horseshit" if it's not coming from him and he calls all the reports "speculation" which seems to confirm that the meetings with Warner Bros. referenced in the original report either never happened, or didn't go down in the way that's being portrayed.

It's understandable why the idea of Christopher McQuarrie directing a DC film would get people excited. He's built a name for himself as a top tier writer and director, specifically of action films, and why in the world would you not want somebody like that taking on your favorite comic book character?

And what's more, Christopher McQuarrie has certainly expressed interest in the past of potentially taking on a DC project, which makes the entire idea seem plausible. Most of the fans commenting on McQuarrie's Twitter page would love to see him reteam with Mission: Impossible - Fallout's Henry Cavill for a new Superman film. I can't argue with that idea.

McQuarrie's comments are still vague, and the fact that he follows up the statement of inaccuracy with "that's all I can say" certainly implies there is something he can't say. That would be the case if conversations had taken place, or potentially still were, so maybe there is more going on here.

Technically, the original report claimed that Warner Bros. tried to get McQuarrie to make movies for the studio by using DC as an enticement. It doesn't specifically state he ever met with anybody at DC or ever turned down anything specific.

Regardless, the one thing that is clear is that Christopher McQuarrie is going be busy for the next few years as he'll be writing a pair of Mission: Impossible movies, and then filming them back to back. This means he certainly won't be making a DC movie or any other project for the foreseeable future. After that? We'll have to wait and see.

Dirk Libbey
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