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Tallahassee debating how to kill a zombie in Zombieland

After a decade of waiting, Zombieland 2 is finally happening. And although the movie hasn't filmed yet, we do know a few things about it. There are some plot details, plus the original foursome of actors will all be reprising their roles alongside some new faces. One thing we don't know is the movie's title. It has been rumored to be Zombieland Too, but that's not the title according to writer Rhett Reese, who said:

Yeah, that's not the title. I don't know why that's on IMDB. Sometimes we just scratch our heads over how things like that happen.

So you can scratch Zombieland Too off the list of potential titles for the long-awaited horror comedy. As he told Screen Rant, Rhett Reese isn't sure how that title got out there, but it is not what this movie will be called. While IMDb is often the go-to resource for movie information, it is not infallible and in this instance Zombieland Too is not the title for the Zombieland sequel (IMDb now shows it as Zombieland 2).

But if Zombieland Too isn't the title of the next hilarious adventure through the land of the undead, what is? In his conversation with Screen Rant, Rhett Reese, who wrote the film alongside Paul Wernick and Dave Callaham, revealed that the sequel does have a title and it's not Zombieland Too, but he isn't able to say what it is yet.

Given that the title is being kept under wraps for the moment, you've got to think that it is not Zombieland 2. That title bears the simple and standard sequel designation and there would seemingly be no reason to keep it a secret if that's what the film was going with.

So I expect that Ruben Fleischer's sequel will have some sort of colon, subtitle action that is all the rage in sequels these days-- with standard numbering no longer in vogue. That subtitle could possibly clue us in to more details about the plot, which is perhaps why it is a secret at the moment.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are no strangers to movies with fun titles either. They wrote Deadpool 2, which got the fun re-title of Once Upon a Deadpool for its PG-13 release. Perhaps the Zombieland 2 title is just fun and being kept as a pleasant surprise versus hiding some crucial plot detail.

With Avengers: Endgame finally revealed, we now have a new movie title to speculate about alongside Star Wars: Episode IX. Personally, I'm glad it's not Zombieland Too; the use of 'Too' in the comedy genre isn't new but I think it's a bit too silly and doesn't fit for Zombieland.

According to Rhett Reese, Zombieland 2 (or whatever it's called) starts shooting this month and is aiming for an October or November release, just in time for the 10th anniversary of the original film.

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