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The Rock built a half of fame career in professional wrestling, in part due to his gift of gab and how he hilariously made fun of his opponents to the delight of audiences. So he is a guy who appreciates a good roasting, so much so that The Rock even shared a spoof of the wild Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw trailer that dropped recently. Take a look:

While all of us have been equally thrilled and flabbergasted that Hobbs & Shaw has introduced superpowers to the Fast & Furious universe, in his roast, @JamesJeffersonJ highlights some of the other absurdities to be found in the film’s first trailer and it is hilarious. He brings up the spot-on point that everyone in these movies drives with a level of wreckless confidence that no one paying for car insurance ever would.

The bit about Idris Elba not learning the King Kong lesson, and his superpowers not overcoming the point where he can jump out of window is amazing-- and the perfect blend of humor that is just a little bit uncomfortable. He also mentions The Rock jumping out of the window to catch him, but he does miss the obvious opportunity to insert a Skyscraper joke in there.

In his Instagram post of the video, The Rock praises James’ roast, but does take umbrage with the part about Hobbs getting hit by Idris Elba’s superhuman Brixton. Which in James’ defense is a fair point. If Brixton has the power to launch a ~265lb. Dwayne Johnson 10 feet smashing into a car with one punch, Hobbs is probably going to be down for the count, or at least have some internal bleeding.

The Rock disagrees with this assertion, and perhaps with James’ understanding of human anatomy, threatening him with fallopian assault if he continues to cast aspersions on The Rock’s ability to take punishment. That said, The Rock should really get James Andre Jefferson Jr. to do a full commentary track on the Blu-ray release of Hobbs and Shaw. Something tells me there will be plenty more to poke fun at.

It’s good that The Rock can laugh and have fun with this, because the trailer for Hobbs and Shaw is ripe for roasting. Even by Fast and Furious standards, a franchise that has been somewhat ridiculous since the beginning and has broken the laws of physics for quite some time, the trailer for Hobbs and Shaw still managed to be completely bonkers and delightfully absurd.

Hobbs and Shaw is damn near a satire of this franchise and blockbuster action movies in general, and the fact that it embraces that makes it look all the more amazing and hugely entertaining.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw drifts into theaters on August 2. For all of the biggest movies heading to theaters this year, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.