See Will Smith As Genie In Disney's Aladdin Trailer

A new trailer for Disney's live-action version of Aladdin has hit the web, and with it comes our first good look at Will Smith's Genie in action. We also see a lot of Agrabah, the main cast, and what looks to be an exciting retelling of the classic animated film that first captivated audiences back in the 90s.

He's blue, and honestly, it looks good. Granted, we don't see Will Smith's genie do half the bonkers stuff Robin Williams' animated version did in this trailer, but Disney seems to be on the right track with the character so far. Could Will Smith end up providing a performance just as good as the original? Is it even possible to live up to the monumental expectations for that character?

One thing that is certain is that living up to those expectations would've been a good deal harder with a non-blue Genie. It was one of the biggest complaints audiences lodged at the first look of the Aladdin cast, and even though it wasn't the finished look, some questioned whether or not the pic meant Will Smith's take was different. It still might be, but at least he'll still look like the character while doing his thing.

Blue Genie Gif Aladdin Disney

As for the other parts of Genie's look, it looks like Disney subbed out the gold shackles for some silver jewelry, but kept the red sash above his ethereal lower half. It's definitely jarring at first, so much so that one might've completely glossed over Aladdin's magic carpet looking straight up like the animated version in the background. Those two certainly look the most like their original characters, although the differences with other characters are mainly due to clothing choice.

Regardless of what the internet thinks of Genie, there's no denying the latest look at Agrabah in Aladdin is absolutely breath-taking. Scenes are bursting with color and popping all over the screen, especially in that lavish parade that looks to be Aladdin's arrival as Prince Ali. Even the desert night scene manages to glow with the various shades of blue as Jafar coaxes Aladdin to enter the cave and retrieve the lamp.

Aladdin is in theaters Friday, May 24. Keep tabs on all news regarding the film here at CinemaBlend, and for more on it be sure to read up on the details regarding the music for the feature, and what will be different in the new version. Of course, the public has a right to voice its opinion, so be sure to vote in our poll and sound off on Will Smith's genie and his look in the comments.

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