Everything Wrong With Bird Box Video Takes Aim At Its Inconsistencies

Bird Box was one of those movies that energized social media, so you can be sure CinemaSins was going to have some fun with it. The new video takes a long look at the film and, of course, can't help but point out everything it sees as not making sense within the supernatural thriller. Check it out.

Bird Box follows Sandra Bullock as she attempts to survive a world that has been overrun by invisible creatures that force those that see them to kill themselves. While that premise alone is certainly more than a little crazy, and exactly the sort of thing that CinemaSins loves to tear into, Bird Box has been an incredibly popular movie, spawning social media trends and endless memes.

Beyond a doubt, the biggest issue that CinemaSins has with Bird Box surrounds the rules regarding how the movie's monsters work. One character sees one while driving but the woman sitting next to her does not. Most everybody who does see one then begins to take steps to kill themselves, but one character does not. The rules, such as they are, seem to be pretty flexible to meet whatever the film requires of them, changing as necessary.

Though, the point about the difficulty in rowing a boat or driving a car while blindfolded, and the fact that you'll naturally veer off course, is a valid point as well.

From there, it's the pretty standard litany of complaints as to why certain characters behave in certain ways. More often than not, the answer is "because if they didn't the movie would be over." It's not always the best explanation, but this is fiction after all.

Generally speaking the reviews of Bird Box have been positive, so most critics didn't have all these issues with the film. Having said that, some did call out the movies for overly contrived and forced elements.

While the response to Bird Box may be mixed, one thing is for sure, a lot of people have opinions because a lot of people saw the movie. The film set Netflix records for viewership that have been confirmed by Nielsen. One upside to the fact that Netflix is fairly cheap and easy to obtain is that a lot of people have it and use so when something new comes along, it ends up getting watched by audiences on par with big screen hits.

Of course, for Netflix that level of success translated to endless memes and people taking part in what became known as the Bird Box challenge, which saw people attempt to accomplish simple tasks while blindfolded. It went about as well as you might expect. Especially the people who tried to drive cars. That went exactly how you'd expect.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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