Everything Wrong With Thor: Ragnarok Takes Shots At Loki And More

Last November, Thor finally completed his MCU trilogy with Thor: Ragnarok. The cosmic road trip movie was a huge hit and quickly became the audience and critical favorite of the God of Thunder's cinematic outings. But even the son of Odin isn't perfect, and like all films, Ragnarok has its fair share of problems, gaps in logic and nitpicks that can be found if you're willing to look at it through a microscope with a critical eye. CinemaSins did just that, pointing out Ragnarok's flaws and triumphs in its usual hilarious manner.

It's always funny how often when watching these videos you notice things that completely slipped by you when watching the movie. You get wrapped up in the experience and miss some of the more glaring issues that don't make sense when you take a bird's eye look at them. There are definitely some clichés in Ragnarok, as well as bending of the rules of the story and narrative logic to advance the plot. For instance, why did Hela need Skurge and why did Odin basically just leave his kids hanging with cryptic nonsense and no means of defense? It's also funny how far American and Earth culture has reached into space, to the point where rock, paper, scissors jokes are being made. Wait, that doesn't make sense. Well spotted, CinemaSins.

This video also touches on something that others have mentioned and that is the film's complete mistreatment and unceremonious dismissal of the Warriors Three. These are deaths that should have meant something, but didn't. And I don't know if it's a sin, but 'Loki's gotta Loki' is about the most accurate summation of the character I can think of, and a huge part of why he's such a fan favorite; being devious when it suits him and forgetting to at other times. CinemaSins also makes a great point in this video that Matt Damon is pretty much the king of hilarious and awesome cameos. That doesn't merit an award, but it should; at least a lifetime cameo achievement one for EuroTrip alone.

These videos are fun because they point out flaws, but do it in a humorous way that doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the film if you don't let it. I will say that I'm surprised that the video didn't really dig into how this film is so much different than its predecessors or the rapid-fire jokes that come throughout Ragnarok. While it might seem ridiculous for so many jokes to be told amid such technically dire circumstances, they almost always land, delivering a hilarious Thor that hit with audiences and critics and seems to be here to stay in Avengers: Infinity War, where the character will have a big role.

Thor: Ragnarok is now on home video, but you can see Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder back on the big screen missing an eye and teaming up with some new faces in Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters this weekend.

Nick Evans

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