Navy Officials Defend Tom Cruise After 'Arrogant' Top Gun 2 Set Claims

Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun

Top Gun's Maverick is known for his need for speed, but Navy officials are shooting down rumors that he also needs better manners. Tom Cruise and company filmed some scenes for the Top Gun sequel Top Gun: Maverick aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in San Diego. Reports recently spread that Cruise's behavior was seen by some sailors as arrogant, and a Navy official stepped in to defend the actor:

Tom Cruise and the cast were nothing but gracious and professional during filming to all of the sailors. Some sailors may have misinterpreted guidance from the Navy that told sailors to not approach actors while filming and not use cell phones on the set.

A Navy official defended Tom Cruise to NBC 7 after the news station was told by an anonymous servicemember that Cruise acted "very arrogant" and told them not to look at or touch him. That sailor added that Cruise "angered USS Theodore crew while filming."

However, Navy escorts who accompanied Tom Cruise through filming disputed that account:

At no time did Tom Cruise say to a sailor, 'Do not look at me. Do not touch me.'

Navy officials also said Tom Cruise took to the mic at a recent "all hands on deck" to personally thank the crew for their support of the film.

Several social media posts critical of Tom Cruise's on-set behavior were shared by The Scientology Money Project -- a news site dedicated to investigating the money, propaganda, and legal matters of Scientology, of which Cruise is a member. The site posted comments said to be from Navy sailors on the TR (names were redacted) with people calling out Cruise for allegedly telling the crew not to look at or talk to him during Top Gun 2 filming.

Not having been there myself, I don't know who said what to whom. It does seem like it could easily have been a misunderstanding. But if any U.S. Navy servicemembers really did feel disrespected, well, that's not good. It's not good in general, and it's not good for a movie set on their turf.

Paramount already had to step in and correct some previous Top Gun 2 chatter about production halting so Tom Cruise could learn to fly Navy fighter jets. Sources said Cruise couldn't fly the jets in question even if he wanted to, because civilians just aren't allowed to. But Cruise would be doing some flying in "certain aircrafts."

Top Gun: Maverick, directed by Joseph Kosinski, is currently scheduled for release on June 26, 2020. Paramount moved it from its previous release date of July 12, 2019.

Tom Cruise's Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is back from the 1986 movie, now a captain and flight instructor. Val Kilmer is also back as Iceman, with Miles Teller as the son of Maverick's late partner Goose. Jennifer Connelly also joins the cast as a single mother who runs the local bar near the Navy base, and apparently she and Cruise reenact a version of the first film's motorcycle scene. The star-studded cast also includes Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris. As we wait for this movie to arrive in 2020, check out our 2019 movie release date schedule for details on everything coming out this year.

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