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Although they’ve been around for years, movie theatergoing subscription services only really rose to prominence in the past year or two. And the market still seems wide open with plenty of room to grow and multiple competitors vying for the top spot. One of those competitors, Sinemia, has just announced a brand new plan to compete with the likes of AMC Stubs A-List and MoviePass by offering something different from everyone else.

Sinemia’s newest offering is called the Sinemia Limitless plan, and it is quite different than what we are accustomed to seeing with theatergoing subscription services-- mainly because it is not a subscription. The plan provides a 30% savings, allowing you to get $100 worth of movies for $70, no subscription or app required. The plan also allows you to get an additional 5% discount on tickets purchased at Sinemia partner theaters through the company’s direct ticketing feature.

The way the plan works is that for $70, you get $100 to spend on movies delivered to you via a digital card, or if you prefer, a physical one. The digital card allows you to buy tickets online, which it should be noted, would still be subject to the convenience fees associated with online ticket transactions. The physical card can be used to buy tickets online, or at the box office, where they wouldn’t incur a convenience fee.

Sinemia Limitless is a one-time payment that is valid for one year, so you’d want to make sure you spend that $100 within a year. After the year is up or after you’ve spent the $100, you can sign up again for the plan, but as it is not a subscription, there is no recurring payment. Additionally, those who are already Sinemia subscribers can add the new Limitless plan at any time rather than renewing their existing plan.

Unlike certain subscription plans that Sinemia and other companies offer, Sinemia Limitless allows you see any movie, at any theater, in any format, at any time. No blackout dates or restrictions on premium screenings. The other big differentiator is that you can purchase multiple tickets per day and you can use Sinemia Limitless to buy tickets for your family and friends.

This is an interesting value proposition from Sinemia that eschews the subscription model most theatergoing subscription services, including Sinemia, made their name on. Nowadays it seems like most forms of entertainment require some sort of subscription, a guarantee that your bank account will be a little bit smaller each month.

Some moviegoers are tired of the commitment that comes with subscriptions, and would rather just pay a chunk of money up front and that’s what Sinemia Limitless is offering. It’s essentially just you buying tickets in bulk at a discounted rate and for some people that may be exactly what they are looking for.

There is a simplicity to this plan in that there is no smartphone requirement, no checking in or guesswork about what movies you can and can’t see and when. It would also be a good option for people who want to see more movies but aren’t sure they will actually go and don’t want to commit to a subscription just yet.

Sinemia Limitless is one of the least risky offerings in the space right now for consumers, who will get their money’s worth as long as they use the $100 within a year, which considering you can bring guests shouldn't be difficult at all. The average ticket price rose to $9.11 last year so at that rate, Sinemia Limitless would get you about 11 tickets for $70, before any extra discounts at Sinemia partner theaters.

Sinemia still has quite a few subscription plans available and this newest offering just goes to show how all of these companies are trying things out and experimenting to see what works, what’s sustainable and what consumers are looking for. MoviePass has relaunched and is trying to pull itself back up and AMC Stubs A-List is flying high. If nothing else, Hollywood should be encouraged that people are trying to see more movies, even if they are trying to do it on the cheap.

You can check out Sinemia Limitless and the company’s other plans on its website. To see how fast you could blow through $100 worth of movies, take a look at our 2019 Release Schedule.

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