Aladdin Toy Seemingly Reveals Princess Jasmine's Brand New Song

We’ve finally gotten a look at the whole new world in the live action Aladdin. We’ve seen blue genies and heard a bit of the classic music that will be reinvented for the 2019 movie onscreen. However, what we hadn’t really heard was any new music from the upcoming flick. That all seems to have changed this weekend thanks to –did you guess it?—a toy leak. Take a listen.

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Please note, if you are having trouble hearing the music, you may need to turn the volume up considerably.

The voice on the track certainly sounds like Naomi Scott, the actress who is voicing Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. We’ve known for a while that Aladdin would be getting new music. In particular, Princess Jasmine will get her own song “Speechless,” which was written by Pasek and Paul (Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who just so happen to have written music for La La Land) and the lyrics indicate this should be how her solo song sounds.

The doll was found in a store and recorded, so it’s certainly not as solid or booming as it will likely be in theaters, but if you are wanting a snippet of what new content you should be getting with Aladdin, it more than does the trick.

Naomi Scott previously said about “Speechless” that it was about giving the character more of a voice as a leader, noting,

I mean, how timely is that? [Jasmine's] not perfect. She doesn't get it right all the time. It's just showcasing that she gets to a point where, 'It's not going to be easy and I may lose this fight, but I need to step up. Of course I'm incredibly connected to it, but I really do feel like it's going to touch upon some things and hopefully speak to young girls out there. That's my aim, always.’

If you’ve caught the latest trailer for Disney’s Aladdin, you should already have heard a bit of Will Smith’s rendition of “Friend Like Me,” not to mention Aladdin and Jasmine singing the sweeping ballad “A Whole New World.” If you haven’t taken a look at the full trailer yet, be sure to check it out.

Toy leaks often reveal big and minor things about upcoming movies. When it’s a movie that is as high profile as Aladdin and it’s a movie that is bound to have a ton of merchandise being made available ahead of release, it’s not real surprise that things like musical moments might get spoiled.

In this case, however, it just makes me more excited to hear a better quality version of “Speechless.” If you feel the same way, you won’t have too long to wait. The new musical live action film will be hitting theaters on May 24.

It’s only one of several live action Disney films hitting theaters this year. You can take a look at the full list of all the projects in the works with our updated guide.

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