Disney made a name producing animated features based on classic fairy tales. Today the company is making a killing with new live-action versions of its own classic stories. After producing more than 50 animated feature films, the studio certainly has plenty of material to draw from. In fact, there are a lot of potential live-action films in various stages of production based on previous Disney content. Not everything is based on animation, but each one is a return to a classic story from the history of Disney. Here's a look at every single one of them you should be looking out for.


Being the only upcoming Disney animated remake with a release date currently set, it would appear that Mulan is the next film that we can count on. Well over a year away, the film has plenty of time to find its star before a November 2018 release. At this point, things still appear to be in the very early stages as we've had conflicting reports as to whether or Mulan will be a musical in the vein of Beauty and the Beast. Our hope is no because Mulan is the perfect material for an action movie with a kick ass heroine. It needs to happen.

Mary Poppins Returns

While it's not based on an animated film, or technically a remake (it's a sequel), Mary Poppins is as much a part of Disney history as anything that's been drawn. The story will return at Christmas of 2018 when Emily Blunt takes over the role that won Julie Andrews an Academy Award. With Lin-Manuel Miranda along for the ride, we're really excited to see how the practically perfect governess will come back to the big screen. This film will take its inspiration from other books written by P.L. Travers. And there are plenty more where those came from if this one is a hit.


Tim Burton got his start working for Disney, and the eclectic director has come back now and again, usually to put together stop-motion animation films. Considering the lead character of Dumbo is an elephant, we're guessing he'll be trading in the stop motion for CGI animation in the same vein as the recent Jungle Book movie. This one has reportedly begun casting, looking at names like Tom Hanks and Colin Farrell, so this one may be on screen before we know it.

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