Zack Snyder Wants Fans To Be "Open To Other Things" Beyond Marvel

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Comic book movies are a massive force in the modern blockbuster world. Studios are producing nearly 10 of them per year at this point, but far from over-saturating the market, they are instead regularly making money hand over fist. Zack Snyder, of course, has been a key figure in the middle of it all - having made half of his movies based on material from the printed medium - but in an interesting twist, the filmmaker has recently called for audiences to expand their horizons beyond big screen superheroics.

Per a video found on Twitter, Zack Snyder recently took part in a panel discussion, and had a few things to say about where comic book movies stand in the current market. We're not sure what the question was that inspired the response, but the quote is interesting nonetheless. Specifically citing the overwhelming pop culture presence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Justice League director explained,

The thing with comic book movies is… you know I’m a fan. I go and see them, and I love them. I don’t have a… you know, I go and see all the Avengers movies, and I go, and enjoy them. I love it. You don’t have to not enjoy them, but you also have to be open to other things as well.

Anyone who regularly follows box office patterns likely sees that Zack Snyder has a point here. While the timing of the statement is a bit funny, as Jordan Peele's Us just set opening weekend records for an original property this past weekend, there is little question that superhero movies typically get more heat than most other releases from Hollywood. Perfectly illustrating that point is the fact that four out of the Top Five films of 2018 were examples of the genre, and six of the Top 10.

This isn't to say that audiences are totally ignoring original movies and offerings from other genres. John Krasinski's A Quiet Place was an absolutely massive surprise last year, and features like Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born and Bryan Singer's Bohemian Rhapsody were not only award-nominated, but made north of $215 million domestically. Still, the lion's share of worldwide attention is primarily pointed towards caped crusaders and masked vigilantes - and with upcoming titles like Shazam!, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Dark Phoenix, and more peppered across the rest of this year's release calendar, things aren't exactly slowing down in 2019.

Hearing Zack Snyder take this point of view, one has to wonder what it could mean for his potential future as a director. A lot of his success has come thanks to his work adapting stories from comics, and the truth is that it's been nearly a decade since he made a film not based on the material (2011's Sucker Punch). However, he does seem to be moving away from that arena with his in development projects. We know he is doing a zombie action movie called Army Of The Dead as his next feature (a movie he's been wanting to make for a long time), and he is also working on making an adaptation of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Could his desire to see fans open themselves up to material beyond the comic book realm be a reflection of his own trajectory?

You can make your own judgments watching Zack Snyder speak in the brief clip below:

Zack Snyder doesn't currently have any films in production, but he is certainly never shy about sharing his comic book movie thoughts, and you can continue to regularly find them here on CinemaBlend.

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