Brie Larson Thanks Fans For Getting Captain Marvel Up To $1 Billion

It was only a couple of days ago that Captain Marvel rang up its billionth dollar of grosses from eager fans all over the world. But good news never outstays its welcome, as that film’s star and the figure poised to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new heights in Phase 4, Brie Larson, celebrated in a very special way. Larson shared the following artwork, as well as a heartfelt note, commemorating the occasion:

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Along with her message of how higher, further and faster Captain Marvel has come in its relatively short run, Brie Larson also included a vibrant piece from artist Tracie Ching’s hand. Reflecting the red, gold and blue color scheme of the titular hero, it shows off Carol’s heroic mohawk that shows through her space helmet. It's an iconic look for a fan favorite hero brought to life in living color.

Now don’t go thinking that Captain Marvel’s cruise past $1 billion is routine, even if the bountiful empire of Marvel Studios’ recent films might have you believing otherwise. Carol Danvers’ debut is only the seventh film out of the 21 film-run that’s made movie history in the past 11 years of operation. But even with that caveat laid down, it’s still a pretty impressive feat, and it’s definitely a moment worthy of sharing some splashy artwork with the masses.

Those very fans have carried this film past a lot of the early trolling that was visited upon Captain Marvel, a phenomenon that reportedly had pretty big effects on YouTube’s proprietary algorithm. Not to mention, there was that time that some ill-tempered fans tried to pit the film against what was, in name, the original “Captain Marvel,” DC’s current superhero offering Shazam!

But, as in most superhero tales, the goodness of the fans prevailed, and Captain Marvel went on to crush the box office. While the film’s actual story content may not have an effect on how Avengers: Endgame is going to play out thematically, it definitely sets up a foundation of success for the film’s blockbuster debut, set to bow at the end of this month. In fact, it doesn’t look like an eighth billion dollar hit for Marvel Studios will probably be too far behind.

As Avengers: Endgame is breaking all sorts of presale records, and ticketing apps, in its quest to box office glory, this Twitter post commemorating the continued success of the MCU through Captain Marvel promises fans, and the entire world, that the best is yet to come. And Carol Danvers is going to be around for all of the festivities, as she and the Avengers have a plan to defeat Thanos once and for all.

That plan will come into full effect in Avengers: Endgame, which infiltrates theaters on April 26.

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