Robert Pattinson Read Christopher Nolan's 'Unreal' New Script While Locked In A Room

Robert Pattinson in High Life
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The prestigious filmmaker behind Inception, the Dark Knight trilogy and, most recently, Dunkirk has another film abrewing and we can’t wait. We literally have no idea what the movie is titled or about, but that hasn’t stopped Christopher Nolan’s next endeavor from becoming one of the most highly-anticipated films.

The untitled Nolan project that has been described as a “massive innovative action blockbuster” will star Twilight’s Robert Pattinson, who recently admitted he already has all the details for the new movie. Here’s what he said:

I got locked in a room to read the script – I don't have it myself. I've been a little wary of doing big movies for years and years, but there's just something about Chris Nolan's stuff. He seems like the only director now who can do what is essentially a very personal, independent movie that has huge scale. I read the script and it's unreal.

Robert Pattinson’s words to USA Today certainly spark some further excitement for Christopher Nolan’s next movie. Since the Twilight franchise, the 32-year-old actor has stuck to independent, arthouse films such as last year’s critically-acclaimed Good Time, but starring in a Nolan movie will certainly place him back into the spotlight in a big way.

Considering the actor’s distaste for the typical big-budget blockbuster, which he no doubt has been offered and turned down, the upcoming Nolan movie seems to have him excited about doing a movie with a lot of eyes on it again. We can’t wait to see the actor take on another high-profile role all these years later.

Robert Pattinson will also be joined by John David Washington and Elizabeth Debicki, from the other casting information released so far. Washington recently led Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman and Debicki is a rising actress who was Ayesha in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and in Steve McQueen’s Widows.

Early reports about Christopher Nolan’s next movie had it pegged as a romantic thriller that would be a cross between North by Northwest in tone meets Inception, though these rumors were debunked by an unnamed source. So fans can expect the unexpected, though there is a certain flavor to Nolan’s filmmaking that has been woven into each of his movies so far, and we assume to see it continue in his next film.

Additionally, Christopher Nolan is known for enlisting Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and Michael Caine in a majority of his projects. Will the talents, or any of his other previous collaborators, also find a place in his next movie, or will he break this tradition and go for a completely fresh faces?

Robert Pattinson said he’s “sworn to secrecy” regarding the project, and considering he was literally locked in a room to read the script, Nolan is keeping this one especially under wraps. The movie will begin filming this year and hit theaters on July 17, 2020, back-to-back with a few other highly-anticipated summer releases Morbius and Ghostbusters 3. In the meantime, check out Pattinson’s newest sci-fi drama High Life in select theaters now.

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