See What Robert Pattinson Could Look Like As DC’s Young Bruce Wayne

Don't even think the word "Twilight." Robert Pattinson, now age 32, may or may not have a single thing to do with Matt Reeves' new The Batman movie. But artist BossLogic got the conversation going last week with this image, based off a rumor, but really based off the idea that the Good Time actor could be an interesting choice for the role:

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No idea if there's any truth to that rumor, but probably not. Still, Robert Pattinson would be an intriguing choice as younger Bruce Wayne/Batman. It would instantly be controversial, since his name is still associated with Twilight, but anyone who watched him in The Rover, The Lost City of Z, Water for Elephants or -- especially -- the acclaimed 2017 crime film Good Time -- knows he's not just Edward Cullen. Plus, the controversy could be good for marketing to build anticipation.

So far, reactions to the image and overall idea have mostly fallen along lines of reactions to Robert Pattinson. There's the hell no crowd -- either because of Twilight, his other acting, just general dislike of him, or better options from other actors. And there's the hell ... maybe crowd -- with people saying they wouldn't have thought of him first but they could see it.

Potential replacement names have been flying since Ben Affleck made it official that he was leaving the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DCEU. Director Matt Reeves is reportedly looking for a familiar face in a particular age range to fill the role. It's all pretty vague right now, so fans have been speculating about who might be a good choice to be the next Batman.

We've seen plenty of Batman actors over the years, and unless Adam West comes back, whoever is cast will be met with the usual complaints. (Who am I kidding? Adam West would be criticized too.) We all have our favorite Batmans, from Adam West and Michael Keaton to Christian Bale and Ben Affleck (plus Val Kilmer and George Clooney).

I can't think of a time when an actor was cast as Batman and wasn't picked apart for it. Some of the same people now showering praise on Ben Affleck's Batman were probably the loudest voices in the room saying "Ben Affleck?!" when he was cast. That's why you try and trust the director and give the actor a chance.

That's not an argument saying Robert Pattinson should play Batman. It's just an early request for everyone to not do the usual knee-jerk freakout at whoever eventually does get the role.

The Batman is expected to release in theaters in 2021. Keep up with all things DCEU in our handy guide, and keep an eye on the films coming to theater this year with our 2019 movie schedule.

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