Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Will Let You Damage The Millennium Falcon In An Amazing Way

Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

One of the first things we learned about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge's Millennium Falcon attraction was that it would be possible to bring the iconic ship back in great shape, and it would also be possible to bring the ship back severely damaged, depending on how you and your flight crew performed your duties. However, beyond a few passing comments, we had little idea exactly what that meant. Today at Star Wars Celebration we learned a little more about what can happen after your flight in the Falcon is finished, and how you'll be able to see just how good, or bad, a job you did.

Asa Kalama is the executive creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering and is in charge of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, and he revealed that the experience of flying the Falcon doesn't end when you leave the cockpit. Instead, as you exit down the Falcon's main hallway, that we've seen countless times before in the movies, that hallway will actually look different depending on what happened on your trip. According to Kalama...

One of the amazing things about this experience is actually, even when it’s over the story continues. So as you make your way out of the cockpit at the end of your amazing smuggling adventure, even that iconic hallway that you make your way through., it’s going to look different depending on how you fly. If you’ve had a beautiful, clean run, that hallway’s going to be in pristine condition. If you’ve banged into every possible thing there was to bang into and taken a volley of laser blasts, lights are going to be broken, we’re going to hear sparks flying, we’re going to hear comm chatter about the incredible damage that you managed to cause to the ship.

The idea that the results of your Smuggler's Run experience would continue after the attraction ended had been part of the description of the attraction since early on, but what we heard about most was that you might run into somebody at Oga's Cantina who could respond to you in a particular way based on your experience, but this is the first we've heard that the Falcon itself would show the results of your ride.

Star Wars Celebration did show off the hallway in question in good condition, we didn't get a chance to see how it will be different if you do a bad job..

hallway of Millennium Falcon on Smugller's Run attraction

Everything else we know about how your Smuggler's Run experience will impact the rest of your time on Batuu involves the idea that cast members or animatronics might react to you differently based on how well you did on the ride. We also got to see more of the Hondo Okana animatronic that will be part of the attraction. Asa Kalama spoke about how Okana himself will react to you if you beat up his ship too much.

It’s important that you do what you can to bring the ship back in good working order. Hondo Onaka, he’s a phenomenal boss, but he doesn’t take too kindly to those bringing his ship back in rough shape.

The more we hear about Stars Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the more exciting it becomes. We'll finally get a chance to experience it all when the new land comes to Disneyland May 31 and Walt Disney World August 29.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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