How Walt Disney World Will Celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday

Mickey Mouse

2018 is the 90th birthday of one of the most famous fictional characters ever created and you can be sure Disney's biggest theme park will pull out all the stops to celebrate Mickey Mouse. Disney has unveiled everything they have planned at Walt Disney World to celebrate the mouse as well as what's going on at all the other theme parks as well. Get ready for parades, special merchandise, and a lot more as the birthday celebration is set to roll into 2019 with the World's Biggest Mouse Party.

Mickey Mouse's "birthday" is officially recognized by Disney as November 18, as it was that day in 1928 that Steamboat Willie was first released. Walt Disney World will spend that entire weekend, November 16-18, celebrating Mickey as the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party, that regularly takes place at the Magic Kingdom will include the famous Dapper Dans barbershop quartet leading the crowd in a performance of Happy Birthday. In addition, the Rockettower Plaza Stage at Tomorrowland will be host to a special Mickey's birthday dance party for guests to enjoy. There will also be special celebratory food items available and of course, Mickey's birthday merchandise to pick up.

Of course, Disney Parks wouldn't throw an event of this size and have it only last the weekend. All of this is actually just a preamble to an event that will begin in 2019 called the World's Biggest Mouse Party which will celebrate Mickey and Minnie throughout most of next year.

Walt Disney World isn't the only place that will be celebrating, of course. Over on the other coast, Disneyland will host what the Disney Parks Blog is calling a "celebration cavalcade" that will start at the It's A Small World end of the park and run all the way down Main Street USA, the standard park parade route, with a stop off at Sleeping Beauty's Castle for some sort of special birthday event. Disneyland will also host the World's Biggest Mouse Party in 2019, so you'll be able to pick your coast next year if you want to attend that event.

Disneyland Paris, Shanghai, and Hong Kong will also be getting in on the World's Biggest Mouse Party. Only Tokyo Disneyland won't be joining in on the fun, but as that park isn't actually owned by Disney, that's not too much of a surprise.

Exactly what will make up the World's Biggest Mouse Party isn't exactly clear but one can guess that it will have special events, like parades and/or fireworks that celebrate the world's most popular mice. These sorts of regular events are great for the park as they draw even regular guests back in with new stuff they haven't seen before and also make for great memories for those taking their first Disney vacation.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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