Original Suspiria Writer Is Not In Love With The Remake

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Dario Argento created a memorable monster when he committed Suspiria to the screen in 1977. As the writer/director of the famed horror film, you can imagine how attached he is to one of the film’s that he’s best known for creating. With that in mind, one would assume that the 2018 remake from director Luca Guadagnino would get under his skin more than a little bit.

But as it turns out, the reason Argento is upset with the remake is for artistic reasons than incendiary ones, as he called the film out for specific behaviors. In particular, he had the following critiques:

To me, the remake of Suspiria doesn’t look like a well-realized project. It lacks fear, music, tension, and scenic creativity. Films like Get Out and Hereditary have struck me for their beautiful photography, their plot, and their production.

Now while that isn’t a sick burn in the measures of our times, Dario Argento’s criticism of the new version of Suspiria definitely strikes hard. Rather than being just a couple of colorful remarks of displeasure that could have easily been fun and personally rewarding, Argento has actual artistic claims to make on 2018’s well-received and certainly WTF redo.

In particular, the criticism of Suspiria 2018 lacking the most vital components to both a horror film, as well as any film in general, is a dressing down that‘s devastating, while carrying significant weight. Though it’s certainly something that can be disputed, as again, the public response to Luca Guadagnino’s version was quite favorable. With a 66% on Rotten Tomatoes when all was said and done, much of the critical community seemed to enjoy the fresh, modern take on Dario Argento’s storied classic.

Even our own Eric Eisenberg, upon seeing Suspiria’s remake for himself, had the following raves to offer:

Dario Argento's original will forever be recognized for its breathtaking cinematography and insanely bold use of color, and while Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria molds its own aesthetic, it's no less jaw-dropping. And this is true within the film's many different modes. Simply moving through the dark halls and vast spaces of the academy is a haunting experience; while the cinematography and choreography for the dance sequences are exquisite and elegant while also fierce and violent.

But alas, Dario Argento wasn’t taken with 2018's Suspiria, and that’s just the way it is. Rather than just blindly rubber stamp or trample the film into the ground though, he had valid concerns that he voiced in his conversation with Interview Magazine. Agree or disagree, no matter what the MPAA has to say on the matter, it’s a solid thought.

Of course, you can compare and contrast for yourself, as the 1977 version of Susperia is available on home video in a brand new 4K restoration, and can also be streamed on Tubi. As for the 2018 version, you can catch it now on home video and on Amazon Prime’s streaming catalog as of May 3.

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