Really, Chucky? Child's Play Celebrated 4/20 In A Wacky Way

Earlier this week, fans got a new trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play, with the infamous Chucky recently announced to be played by none other than Mark Hamill. So it’s safe to say the anticipation for the horror remake is high. So high, in fact, that the murderous doll has taken to Twitter to celebrate 4/20 with a weed-themed fashion statement and puff of smoke. Check it out:

Yep… they went there. As the holiday’s hashtag trends on Twitter for the day, fans have come across this advertisement referencing Chucky’s 420-friendly past -- with reactions emitting a whole lot of “yikes” toward Child Play’s marketing strategy.

User @ImperialMince noted the franchise may be trying a bit too hard to relate to the young'uns. Take a look:

Amidst all the reactions showing their cringey feelings toward the posting, @xVeHeMeNcEx took it back to 1998’s Bride of Chucky, when Chucky smokes a joint. The image of an embroidered marijuana plant on his overalls with a “bud” pun to go with the “he’s your best friend” tagline for the film seemed a bit too spot on. Check it out:

Is the advertisement a tease for Chucky blazing it in the upcoming Child’s Play? The film will reportedly be receiving an R-rating, and with Mark Hamill on board to frolic around as the mischievous doll, who knows what kind of antics are coming our way in the new flick.

The reboot has an altogether different spin on the origin of Chucky, so it is interesting the marketing for it includes a little nod to its past films. If anything, the post may be seeking to mix in a bit of nostalgia for the boldness of Bride of Chucky back in the day, and also get fans intrigued for what we may see this time.

Instead of Chucky being the spirit of a serial killer, this time around he will be an A.I. toy designed to sync up into other smart home tech in the house of a mother (Aubrey Plaza) and son (Gabriel Bateman) who have just moved to a new town. So far, we’ve seen a bit of Chucky using his iconic chef’s knife to wreak havoc on the neighbor, along with Christmas lights in one scene in the newest trailer.

However, the teasers have shown little of Chucky’s actual performance, except for the line “goodnight Andy” at the end. Mark Hamill reportedly went above and beyond to voice the character, as he marathoned all the films, took notes, and crafted a few voices on his first day in the recording booth. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us in Child’s Play when it comes to theaters on June 21, although that cringey 420 ad looks to be swaying fans in the other direction today.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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