Josh Brolin Shares Photo Featuring Thanos’ Butt Ahead Of Avengers: Endgame Release

Of all the things I thought I'd be talking about on the eve of the release of Avengers: Endgame, I never would have guessed that Thanos' ass would be on the list. And yet, here we are. The meme brought about by fans on Reddit has made that particular orifice a major topic of conversation, and nobody is enjoying the fact more than Thanos himself, Josh Brolin. As we stand here just days before the release of the big MCU finale, Brolin is treating us all to buck naked Thanos. Check it out.

A photo posted by on

In an image that Josh Brolin calls an April 26 spoiler on Instagram, we see Thanos wearing nothing but his Gauntlet, with a clear view of his backside. We also get a few other fun hashtags, which imply that Thanos is planning to use his powerful ass muscles to squish Ant-Man if he tries to get up in this business.

Your extra helping of naked Thanos is all due a funny thread on Reddit that first supposed one particularly bizarre and terrible way for Thanos to be defeated. It involved Ant-Man shrinking in size, entering Thanos' body, and then enlarging himself, causing the Mad Titan's body to be torn apart. Why the best point of entry was determined to be the rectum, we can only imagine.

Josh Brolin has been having a bit of fun with this theory. He previously, posted a video of himself on a toilet in reference to the theory, seemingly trying to dislodge a troublesome Avenger.

We're all pretty sure that this won't be the way that the Avengers finally win in Endgame. Of course, the movie has been so good about keeping spoilers mostly locked away, that we really don't know how it happens. I mean, making Thanos explode from the inside would certainly get the job done, and there are a lot of methods that would certainly be less successful.

Ant-Man is also one character who wasn't involved in the fight with Thanos the first time around, and it certainly seems likely that if the fight comes down to the same people that were in it last time, it's going to have much the same sort of result.

Of course, if you were expecting a Thanos takes a shower before he puts on his armor scene in Avengers: Endgame, you can probably write that off. If nothing else, the movie is rated PG-13 and an excessive amount of Thanos nudity would put that rating in jeopardy.

Of course, we all want to see how the Avengers truly do triumph over Thanos, assuming of course that they do. To that end, the wait is almost over. Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters this weekend.

Dirk Libbey
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