6 Major Box Office Records Avengers: Endgame Broke With Its $1.2 Billion Debut

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Avengers: Endgame has arrived like a meteor that exclusively destroys box office records. People had projected the film would do incredibly well, but Endgame has blown past most predictions to earn $1.2 billion worldwide in just one weekend. It's the first film in history to ever do so and it's not the only milestone that it has passed on its path to worldwide domination. Endgame has broken at least six impressive records in its opening weekend. All the numbers can be tough to keep track of, but that's where we come in.

One important thing to note is that Endgame had a major advantage right out of the gate. The film opened on Wednesday in China, meaning that it had extra time to increase its tally. Avengers: Infinity War didn't do that, so the Chinese market had a big role to play in Endgame's box office success. Overall, China made up 28% of Endgame's total worldwide opening box office.

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#1 Domestic, International, And Global Debuts

Endgame is the number one movie domestically, internationally, and combined globally. While the film was already projected to have those titles before release, no one thought it would be this high. The blockbuster has grossed $350 million domestically (the first to ever do so opening weekend), $859 million internationally, and $1.2 billion globally. The previous global record holder was Avengers: Infinity War with $640.5 million.

#1 Domestic Thursday Previews

Technically, films open on Thursday night, but the total is usually combined with Friday's numbers and then that it considered the opening day total. As far as Thursday previews are concerned, Endgame was the largest opening ever with $60 million. The previous record holder was Star Wars: the Force Awakens with $57 million, so Endgame just narrowly beat it.

#1 Domestic Single-Day Gross And #1 Domestic Friday Gross

In this case, Endgame's highest grossing day of the week was also its opening day gross on Friday. Star Wars: the Force Awakens was the movie to beat in this category, and Endgame shot right past it. Endgame was the largest single-day and Friday gross with $156.7 million. The Force Awakens total score was $119.1 million.

#1 Domestic Saturday And Sunday Grosses

Endgame looks determined to conquer every single day of the week and it was the highest grossing movie ever on both Saturday and Sunday. specifically, it grossed $109 million on Saturday and $84.3 million on Sunday. Like many of the records on this list, Avengers: Infinity War was the previous belt-holder. Back in 2018, the film grossed $82.1 million on Saturday and $69.2 million on Sunday.

#1 China Opening Day And Opening Weekend

Again, the effect of the Chinese box office can't be understated here. Having that extra Wednesday to boost Endgame to a 5-day opening weekend was a big help for the superhero film. Endgame is largest opening day ever in the market, scoring $107.8 million. It also now holds the largest opening weekend with $330.5 million, nearly matching the entirety of the domestic weekend total.

Fastest Film To $1 Billion Globally

This is the one that people will probably remember for a long time. This right here is unprecedented. Avengers: Endgame made more than $1.2 billion in just five days. The film beat its predecessor, Infinity War, which hit the $1 billion mark in 11 days. It's tough to see any other movie topple this record, but it's a future of possibilities out there.

To add a few more records to the list, Disney noted that Endgame was the biggest IMAX global debut with $91.5 million. It's also the 8th Marvel Studios film to cross $1 billion, and the second to do so this year after Captain Marvel. At the moment, Endgame is the 18th largest worldwide release, but that number is sure to change in the coming weeks. According to Box Office Mojo, the blockbuster sequel could make as much as $920 million domestically if it follows the pattern of Infinity War, but tracking is apparently unclear at the moment.

It's taking everyone else's money, so it might as well take yours too. Avengers: Endgame is out in theaters right now. For more Marvel movies coming down the pipeline, here's our Marvel movie release guide.

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