Fast And Furious Crew Members Who Actually Do Something, Ranked

Furious 7 cast members

Dominic Torretto has worked with a lot of people throughout The Fast and Furious franchise, and while each member of his crew has had a part to play over the years, some characters are more useful than others. In a ranking from least to greatest, and with Dom in the mix, here are The Fast and Furious crew members who actually do something.

Mia Toretto The Fast and the Furious

16. Mia Toretto

Dom's sister Mia had her only shining moment (so far) when she drove a car during the train heist in Fast Five, but that's about it. As strong and sweet as she may be, Mia is a liability villains or the FBI exploit to get Dom, and later, O'Conner. She can't help that, although one thinks at some point she'd ask for some training from her brother or husband to keep that constant target off her back.

Cara Mirtha

15. Cara Mirtha

Though her appearance is fleeting, Cara Mirtha still gets credit as a member of Dom's crew for her role in the gas shipment robbery in Fast & Furious. Cara artfully helps lock Han's car to the oil tankers and helps the crew secure some real cash. She isn't seen after that, and her and Han eventually split, but it would be wrong to just sweep her accomplishment under the rug just because she isn't a frequent collaborator.

Leon The Fast and the Furious

14. Leon

Having only appeared in The Fast and the Furious, Leon didn’t do that much to distinguish himself from the rest of Dom’s original crew. His main jobs were keeping an eye out for the police while the street races were going and essentially being around as backup should an element of a heist went bad and one of the others was incapacitated. In any case, he hasn't had any opportunities to make a bigger impression since then.

Jesse The Fast and the Furious

13. Jesse

Jesse could've been one of Dom's top guys in the Fast and Furious franchise, but one poor decision ended his run really before things ever got started. Before his death at the hands of Johnny Tran, however, Jesse was the tech guy helping Dom and company run their truck heists, and knew a fair bit about fixing up cars and enhancing their design and capabilities. If only he had learned that a 1995 Volkswagon Jetta wasn't a fair trade off for his life!

Vince The Fast And Furious

12. Vince

While Vince is one of the more capable drivers of the early Fast and Furious movies, he loses major points in terms of usefulness due to his constant trouble-making. Sure his instincts about Brian were correct in the first movie, and he could've gotten a pass had that been the only infraction. Then he tried to steal from the crew in Fast Five, and while Dom was ultimately forgiving of that, the lack of loyalty really hurt his ranking.

Tego and Rico Fate of the Furious

11. Tego Leo & Rico Santos

It's really hard to put one over the other, and given that they're together more often than not in these movies, it only seemed fair to give Tego Leo and Rico Santos equal rankings. Their co-dependency keeps them out of the top 10, although their ingenuity in cracking the police station's security in Fast Five alone puts them near the top of Fast and Furious' more minor characters. Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of them.

Gisele Fast & Furious

10. Gisele Yashar

Like so many others in the franchise, Gisele started off as an antagonist to Dominic Toretto, only to work with him in the future. Gisele is an accomplished driver and nearly beat the time required to avoid the cameras to escape the garage in Fast Five. She's also an expert marksman, and able to get into places most the other crew can't through confidence and deception. She was truly a "wonder woman," which made her death in Fast & Furious all the more tragic.

Roman Pearce Fate of the Furious

9. Roman Pearce

While he's one of the funnier and capable members of the core group, Roman sure does bungle plans. Like when he was forced to drop his car out of the plane, or the time he used "all the explosives" as opposed to a handful during that daring escape. He's a bit of a wildcard in terms of effectiveness. His ability to talk his way out of everything can't be denied, however, which puts him over Gisele.

Tej Parker Fate of the Furious

8. Tej Parker

Before Furious 7, Tej Parker may have had a much higher spot on this list. As good as Dom and others may be, they need a tech guy to help them conquer the various problems that pop up during these high profile jobs. Tej has filled that role perfectly for a bulk of the series, but with Ramsey officially the better hacker of the two, his role has diminished provided she's around in future films.

Han Seoul-Oh Fast & Furious

7. Han Seoul-Oh

Han is the underrated darling of The Fast and Furious franchise. He's on the upper end of drivers throughout the films, and while he may not be the most capable of fighters, he can do what he has to in terms of getting in and out of a fight. If he were still around, one could only imagine what he'd be up to in Tokyo. Alas, we have Deckard Shaw to blame for his untimely exit.

Letty The Fast And The Furious

6. Letty

Letty is one of the few people who can legitimately say she can take on Dominic Toretto. Letty's bested her husband in a race and has proven to be a capable driver and fighter with and without her memories. Though the team survived without her for a stretch, it's more than safe to say she's escalated their capabilities in the latter Fast and Furious films.

Brian O'Conner Furious 7

5. Brian O'Conner

While Brian is, without question, one of the most useful members of any Fast and Furious heist, he suffers from the same redundancy problem Tej suffers from, but on a larger scale. Brian is the hero, but Dom is the elevated hero that Brian is often playing second banana to. Sure they've had cool moments together, but with a few exceptions, Dom was largely considered to be the greater asset of the two in a heist.

Megan Ramsey Fate of the Furious

4. Megan Ramsey

As mentioned earlier, Tej was The Fast and the Furious tech expert right up until Megan Ramsey came into the picture in Furious 7. Her creation of the hacking device "God's Eye" created the capability to hack any camera in the world and transmit data to its user in four minutes or less. That's a game-changer and anyone who can create that will only create crazier stuff going forward.

Deckard Shaw Furious 7

3. Deckard Shaw

Deckard Shaw may be the baddest enemy The Fast and the Furious franchise created, but he's also one of the most useful crew members. He's remarkably clever, great at making an escape, a great driver and skilled fighter. He's also crazy as hell, and does things like throw grenades in an enclosed office space with only a table for protection. His only real downside is he killed Han, which does effect his team chemistry with everyone else.

Luke Hobbs Fate of the Furious

2. Luke Hobbs

In a world where Superman apparently doesn't exist, Luke Hobbs is there to pick up the slack. He's a walking tank armed with superior combat skills and the power of the FBI. Not that he really needs the latter, as Hobbs is a one man wrecking crew that has even occasionally brought Dom to his limits a couple of times. He's also a great leader, and any job would be in good hands under his guidance.

Dominic Torretto The Fast And The Furious

1. Dominic Toretto

Name one impressive thing any character in The Fast and Furious franchise has done that Dominic Toretto hasn't done better. He's a brilliant racer, excellent fighter, and the man is nigh indestructible and always bounces back from the most brutal of injuries. Whatever team Dom is on is always the team that wins, so everyone else just should feel grateful when they're on his side.

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