Sylvester Stallone Just Got New Inspiration For The Expendables 4

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Finally! Sylvester Stallone has been teasing The Expendables 4 for a while now, but it's possible he was on the fence about the storyline ahead, and inspiration just fell from the sky. Literally. It sounds like the Independence Day fireworks got the gears turning in Sly's head, and now maybe he'll do more than just talk about the next movie.

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Nice! I kinda thought the next adventure was already cooking on the stove, but if he had a new flash of inspiration, that sounds promising.

A few months ago, Sylvester Stallone excited fans with an Expendables 2 throwback photo, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Sly called them "the three wiseguys ... the last of the breed!" It looked like a hint to The Expendables 4, which was said to be in the works again after some behind-the-scenes hiccups.

Sylvester Stallone directed and co-wrote The Expendables, which started this franchise in August 2010. Stallone co-wrote the script for The Expendables 2, which came out in August 2012. He did the same for The Expendables 3, which came out in August 2014. By that schedule, you'd expect The Expendables 4 to come out in August 2016, but that didn't happen in this dimension.

In 2016, it was announced The Expendables 4 was going to bring back some original stars as the final film of the franchise. Then Sylvester Stallone walked away from the franchise, reportedly after creative disagreements with a studio exec. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he wouldn't return to the franchise without Sly -- adding that he loved the first two movies but wasn't happy with his story in the third one.

In 2018, there were some positive updates, saying Sylvester Stallone and The Expendables 4 were back on track. It sounds like things just got a bit delayed, since one report had Rambo 5 and The Expendables 4 opening in September 2018 and "early" 2019, respectively. So maybe we need to just push everything back a year, since Rambo V: Last Blood is now opening in September 2019.

Sylvester Stallone has a lot going on, from Rambo V to his Rocky documentary, to potentially a new idea for Rocky, despite appearing to retire from that role after Creed II. He's also promoting his new movie Escape Plan 3, which just came out straight-to-video; he seems to like that film a lot more than Escape Plan 2.

Now it sounds like Sylvester Stallone has a new, or at least slightly updated, plan in mind for The Expendables 4. Fans are commenting on Instagram with suggestions -- like making the movie Rated R or adding Keanu Reeves this time. (Get in line. Everyone wants a piece of Keanu.)

Are you excited to see what Sylvster Stallone cooks up for The Expendables 4, and who returns to join him?

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