Justice League’s Ezra Miller Has Joined Jason Momoa’s Protest On Hawaii

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/Flash in Justice League
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The DCEU’s superhero team may have broken up on the big screen after the disappointment of Justice League, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting for causes they care about on their off days. Aquaman star Jason Momoa has been protesting the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea in his native Hawaii from becoming a building site for $1.4 billion project, Thirty Meter Telescope. Ezra Miller, who played Flash alongside Momoa’s seafaring hero back in 2017 has joined him in activism.

If you flip through these pictures Jason Momoa shared on Instagram, you’ll notice Ezra Miller posing next to him in the fifth one. Check it out:

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There they are! The two Justice League co-stars have become good friends outside their DC projects and now it looks like Ezra Miller journeyed to Hawaii to support a cause Jason Momoa is fighting hard for with his fellow Hawaiian natives. Mauna Kea is Hawaii’s tallest mountain and a dormant volcano and the building site to a massive telescope for scientists to study dark matter, black holes and such. However, the community wishes their sacred mountain not be touched in preservation of their culture.

Over the weekend, thousands of protestors came out to block the main road leading to the top of Mauna Kea. They’ve managed to halt construction for about a month, as it was supposed to begin in mid-July. Supporters have been flashing the hand gesture Momoa and Miller posed with in the picture to show their support for Mauna Kea. The mountain is said to be the height of native Hawaiian’s ancestral ties to creation.

Jason Momoa has devoted much of his social media presence to sharing this issue, even stating this on one of his recent posts:

Sorry Warner Bros we can’t shoot Aquaman 2. Because Jason got run over by a bulldozer trying to stop the desecration of his native land. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. WE ARE NOT LETTING YOU DO THIS ANYMORE. Enough is enough. Go somewhere else.

The actor didn’t actually get run over by a bulldozer, but he does show his commitment to the cause with this statement. Looks like he’s more than willing to be there if/when construction happens to stop it, even mentioning not being able to shoot the up-and-coming DCEU project if he’s bulldozed in the process of his activism.

Aquaman 2 is expected to begin shooting next year, ahead of a December 16, 2022 release date. As far as Ezra Miller’s The Flash goes – it’s seen an unlucky amount of delays since being announced in 2014. The most recent word is It director Andy Muschietti is expected to helm the project, but he first plans to take a break after finishing up It Chapter Two.

Here’s hoping Ezra Miller gets to suit up as the speedster and him and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman team up once again!

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