Some Lunatic Mashed Up Stephen King Movies With Tom Hooper’s Cats And It’s Amazing

Besides the superhero movie, two genres have recently really caught fire with audiences lately: horror and musicals. So when Les Miserables director Tom Hooper set out to make Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous Cats for the big screen, maybe he was looking to cater a bit to both? Since the trailer dropped last month, the movie has gone absolutely viral inspiring an army of memes and such at its arguably horrifying cat-human hybrid CGI characters. Now, a masterpiece has emerged: Stephen King’s Cats. Take a look:

In the words of the YouTube channel name that edited together this trailer mashup: I’d Watch That. The video hilariously satires the response to the Cats trailer, which has left most of us either disturbed or strangely intrigued. One unnamed video editing genius has created Stephen King’s Cats. It starts with a group of people watching the trailer on a television screen as a news report says things like “It’s very disturbing, but it is what we expected to see,” “What we’re looking at is actually legal” and “Yhere is actually no punishment for this.” Purrfect!

It then moves to some footage from the recent remake of Pet Sematary, where sketches and carvings of cats foreshadow the real beast lurking in the woods: Idris Elba’s Macavity. The new trailer keeps flashing to scenes of Cats dance sequences with the horrified looks of actors in the film. Jason Clarke pulling back the curtain to Jason Derulo’s CGI cat and Amy Seimetz shuddering at Rebel Wilson’s cat doing a “rat-a-tat” is just incredible.

The Cats mashup then gets more intense as Taylor Swift’s kitty throws catnip on Seimetz and a group of teens run from more cat dancing and Jennifer Hudson belting out “Memory.” The song actually works extremely well in an eerie setting, especially as the lyrics “A new day has begun” repeats. Hybrid human-cat people seem to be taking over the world.

There’s also additional scenes from A Quiet Place and Bird Box to heighten the fear factor as the trailer comes to an end. So… anyone ready to cancel the actual Cats and get this hilarious/brilliant version? The landmark musical infamously doesn’t actually have much of a plot anyways. It would be a refreshing take on the story and Stephen King has used cats in his work before. Maybe he’d be up for it?

At this point, Cats will probably greatly benefit from all this viral content! Rebel Wilson has shared how much she has loved all the talk surrounding the upcoming musical. If people are discussing it, then they’ll have to buy a ticket and go out to see it come December 20, right?

In the meantime, IT Chapter Two comes a bit closer on September 6. But how much would you dig this mashup? Sound off in the comments below!

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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