Frozen II: Elsa's Mother Has An Even Bigger Role Than We Thought

Young Anna and Elsa with their parents in Frozen II

The following contains potential spoilers for Frozen II**.**

There are a lot of questions that fans have about Frozen II, but one of the more compelling ones is how the movie will tie into the history of Anna and Elsa's family. We've seen the former king and queen of Arendelle appear in the movie's most recent trailer in what was clearly a flashback, but we now know that Queen Iduna, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, will play an even larger role in the new movie, thanks to the movie's soundtrack.

This morning the complete soundtrack listing for Frozen II was released by Disney, and while it certainly doesn't give us too many details, it does list the titles of all the songs, and the actors who sing them. We know that Elsa will get another big solo number in "Into the Unknown", that Jonathan Groff will finally get a real song, called "Lost in the Woods" (though there will apparently also be a sequel to "Reindeers are Better Than People") and that Olaf will get another song as well, with Josh Gad singing "When I am Older." However, the most interesting song comes later in the film and appears to be a duet between Elsa and her dead mother.

The song is called "Show Yourself" and it's sung by Idina Menzel, the voice of adult Elsa, and Evan Rachel Wood, the voice of her mother. The song is listed as track seven of eight original songs, and so assuming that the songs are listed in chronological order, as they are for basically every musical soundtrack ever, the song will come late in the movie.

The one scene we've seen with Anna and Elsa's parents has their father telling the two lead characters, as children, about the enchanted forest that exists to the north of their home. This is a flashback which certainly comes early in the film as it's giving us key backstory. Evan Rachel Wood also has the first song on the soundtrack, a tune called "All is Found," which would back this up.

It certainly was possible, even likely, that this intro would have been the only time Anna and Elsa's parents would figure directly into the story, but it would seem that's not the case if Evan Rachel Wood is singing later in the film as well.

The trailers have seemed to imply than Queen Iduna is from the enchanted land that Anna and Elsa must venture to in order to save their own home. As such, it's likely our heroes will go to places where their mother has previously been. If mom is key to Elsa understanding her powers, maybe a bit of magic will bring back a version of mother for the girls to communicate with. The name of the song, "Show Yourself" could potentially hint at something of that nature.

Alternatively, maybe Elsa and her mother will each sing the song as a solo piece, but the movie will jump between two time periods, turning the song into a duet. Perhaps Elsa will need to follow in her mother's footsteps, leading to the two of them singing the same song in the same place, but at two different times.

If you want to know everything about the music to Frozen II, you'll have that chance when the soundtrack is released November 15. Be prepared however, as the movie doesn't hit theaters until November 22, meaning you'll be able to listen to all the songs before the movie even comes out.

Dirk Libbey
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