New Tenet Teaser Proves Christopher Nolan Can Get Fans Hyped Over Anything

TENET logo on Twitter
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Christopher Nolan doesn't really need to promote Tenet. By now, he's earned the kind of reputation where you just say Nolan Is Making Another Movie, tell everyone the release date, and boom. Take the money. So even though the new teaser isn't even teasing anything, it's still something -- and that was more than enough for Nolan fans.

We already know Warner Bros. is releasing Tenet on July 17, 2020. We even know who is in it -- John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Himesh Patel Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, and Dimple Kapadia.

And there was a short trailer that played ahead of IMAX screenings of Hobbs & Shaw over the summer. It showed John David Washington's character in action, as title cards emphasized time -- a common theme in Nolan movies -- reading "Time has come for a new protagonist" and "Time has come for a new mission." According to Variety, Tenet is an action epic that was filmed across seven countries. It evolves from the world of international espionage.

What else do we know about Tenet? We think we know what it's not about -- there was early talk that it would be like North by Northwest meets Inception, and then that was shot down. We also heard about its massive budget.

Here's what popped up Friday on social media as the first tweet in a new TENET account

The various official social media accounts also shared the tagline "Time runs out." The word TENET means belief or main principle, and it's a palindrome that reads the same way backward and forward. I wouldn't be shocked if that becomes relevant in some way.

But really, fans were thrilled just to see Tenet open accounts and share a nothing teaser. They were hypnotized just watching it spin like Cobb's Inception totem.

There's also hope that this is the start of promotion and a trailer will be released to the public soon.

Also seeing a lot of appreciative memes for this kind of "cinema":

Speaking of "cinema," Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently talked to Collider about working with Christopher Nolan on Tenet. The actor said Nolan is "trying to push the boundaries of cinema":

I love Christopher Nolan movies. When there was an opportunity to try to go for a role in any one of his movies, I’ve been the first person to have my hand up, saying, 'Let me try.' I was very fortunate and lucky to have been accepted into the cast of Tenet. John David Washington is phenomenal and incredible, and a wonderful, genuine guy. He’s gonna be a star. Robert Pattinson is brilliant and great. I loved working with him. Working with Nolan is working with a legend. It’s about being able to stand back and observe how his mind works. How he is, as a filmmaker, and how he puts his films together is quite extraordinary. There’s no expense spared. He’s definitely trying to push the boundaries of cinema, in high concepts and sci-fi concepts, and the cinematic side of things is extraordinary to watch. It was a real honor and pleasure to be in his presence, and to work on that movie. But to be honest, there’s nothing else I can really say about it.

There's not much the stars can say about it, and obviously not much is being said with that nothing Tenet teaser. That trailer that was shown in select screenings over the summer still hasn't been released to the public yet.

This is a good start, though! Tenet is out there in the world advertising its existence. A trailer must be coming eventually. The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 17, 2020. Keep up with everything heading to the big screen next year with our 2020 movie release date schedule.

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