Jackass: The 10 Most Stomach-Churning Stunts From The Movies And Show, Ranked

The Jackass crew know it's going to get messy

It has been nearly 20 years since the Jackass crew introduced their off-brand of comedy and stomach-churning stunts to viewers with the MTV show. In the years following the show’s debut, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and the rest of the gang have released three movies and countless spin-off series, giving us some of the most insane moments in the process.

With word of a Jackass 4 movie in the works, lets take a look back at some of the most stomach-churning stunts from the movies and show. You're welcome.

Steve-O getting ready for another prank screenshot

10. “The Goldfish” (Season 1, Episode 2)

The Goldfish” might not be the most disgusting moment from the television series, but it is one of the stunts that started it all. For a lot of us, it was our first introduction to Steve-O, and it was a memorable one at that.

In this iconic stunt, Steve-O drinks a goldfish out of a plastic bottle and pukes it out of his system and into a fishbowl. As several people watch on, the young Steve-O struggles to vomit the fish into the bowl, but after several attempts and multiple gulps of water from a gallon jug, the stunt performer is successful and the goldfish lives to see his new home.

This was one of the first “Jackass” moments from the show, but it was just a taste of what was to come from Steve-O and the rest of the crew.

Dave England being hit in an unrelated boxing incident

9. “Dizzy Boxing” (Jackass 2.5)

The “Dizzy Boxing” scene has nothing on some of the stunts featured further down in the list, and while it’s not disgusting, it is stomach-churning in its own right. In the clip, Dave England and Ehren McGhehey duke it out in a new take on the classic boxing match by being spent around in office chairs before each round.

After three rounds of dizzy boxing, Dave England has more than enough of the boxing and dizziness and is down for the count, leaving Ehren McGhehey the winner. But does anyone really win here?

Steve-O displaying the "Off-Road Tattoo" years later

(Image credit: Screenshot courtesy of Steve-O Interview)

8. “Off-Road Tattoo” (Jackass: The Movie)

Sometimes, getting a tattoo can be a nit nauseating. The constant poking and dragging of the needles on skin can be more than a little uncomfortable for those receiving the tattoo, but that add an off-road drive with Henry Rollins behind the wheel and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

That’s what happened to Steve-O in Jackass: The Movie when he took part in the “Off-Road Tattoo” skit that when he was the receiving end of a barbaric and painful tattooing experience. Throughout the entire skit, Henry Rollins takes the hummer through an off-road course that would be bad enough on its own, but the tattooing makes it that much worse. The finished product - a smiley face - is anything but need and pretty. It makes for one hell of a story though.

Johnny Knoxville preparing another stunt

7. “Poo Joust” (Season 1, Episode 6)

Jousting was a popular sport and form of entertainment in the Middle Ages and has shown up in every movie and television series from A Knight’s Tale to Game of Thrones, but we have never seen in it portrayed in the manner in which the Jackass crew reinvented jousting early on in the series run.

There aren’t any horses in this “Poo Joust” tournament, instead several members of the cast stand atop a beam in the middle of a ring that has been covered with one ton of fresh horse poop. Not only do the losers have to experience the pain of defeat, they also have to deal with the warm stench of horse manure covering nearly every square each of their bodies.

This was pretty early on in the Jackass chronology, and things would only get more insane and disgusting from here.

Steve-O drank a beer off these fingernails

6. “Longest Nail Beer Luge” (Jackass 2.5)

Audiences who thought the crew couldn’t get more disgusting than they were in Jackass 2 were in for a rude awakening when Jackass 2.5 was released in 2007. From the opening scene, the crew made the viewer aware that they were in store for more than just a new title when they see Steve-O drinking a beer from a less than ideal beer luge.

In the “Longest Nail Beer Luge,” Steve-O drinks a Miller beer that has been poured over Shridhar Chillal’s fingernails, the Guinness World Record holder for having the longest fingernails on one hand. Steve-O squirms, kicks, and gags throughout the entire 15-second clip. And remember, this is even before the title card comes up on the screen.

The Poo-Cano is getting ready to erupt

5. Poo-Cano (Jackass 3D)

The crew didn’t pull any punches or hold back on any stomach-churning gags when they returned in 2010 for Jackass 3D. In addition to finding inventive ways to include 3D technology in the film’s hilarious skits and stunts, the guys behind Jackass also brought back the time-honored poop gag.

The Poo-Cano starts off innocent enough - idyllic music plays while the camera pans across what looks like a detailed model train set and environment. The tranquility, however, is short-lived as we noticed that the mountain is actually a butt (Dave England’s butt to be exact) volcano getting ready to spray liquid poop all over the model train, the figurines, and as we come to find out, himself.

The scene ends with the table being pulled off England as he runs off to clean his own feces of his body. The cast and crew proceed to do what anyone in their shoes would do - laugh while vomiting.

Johnny Knoxville preparing to get hit

4. Penis-Breaking Motorcycle Backflip (Jackass Presents: Mat Hoffman’s Tribute to Evel Knievel)

Shortly after the death of legendary American stuntman Evel Knievel in 2007, the Jackass crew set out to make a tribute video in honor of Knievel’s exploits. The product of their hard work, Jackass Presents: Mat Hoffman’s Tribute to Evel Knievel, featured numerous BMX and motocross riders paying respect to their late hero.

In addition to the professional riders, the cast also included Johnny Knoxville, whose attempt at pulling off a back flip on a motorbike was met with disastrous results. The segment, properly titled “Penis-Breaking Motorcycle Backflip,” starts off one of the professional riders telling Knoxville not to ditch the bike mid-air, which is exactly what happens on his fourth and final attempt.

When Knoxville lets go of the bike after pulling off the ramp, it comes crashing down on him, landing right on his crotch. After everything was said and done, Knoxville was left with broken penis but one great piece of video.

Even Dave England knows the vomelet is a bad idea

3. Vomelet (Jackass 3D)

It’s no surprise by now, but it seems like Dave England shows up in the lion’s share of the most stomach-churning skits and stunts on this list. Need someone to poop on demand? He’s your guy. Need someone to spin around until he’s dizzy and have a boxing match? He’s your guys. Need someone to make himself vomit? One again, he’s your guy.

And Vomiting is exactly what “Chef” Dave England did in the “Vomelet” gag from Jackass 3D. Not to be outdone by his “Poo-Cano,” England starts surrounded by everything needed for an omelet, except for the knives to chop and the whisk to stir. Instead of cutting and whisking, England eats the food and then vomits it back up into a bowl that he then pours into a skillet.

But the fun doesn’t end there. After cooking the omelet, England asks for a volunteer to eat the finished product. That lucky volunteer happens to be Steve-O, who upon eating the omelet vomits it back up, leaving us where we started with all of the ingredients needed for a proper omelet, only in the form of vomit.

Preston Lacy sweating it out as Mat Hoffman watches on

2. Sweatsuit Cocktail (Jackass 3D)

The hits just kept coming with Jackass 3D, and anyone and everyone on the crew got in on the fun, including Preston Lacy with the “Sweatsuit Cocktail.”

The segment opens up with Lacy, who’s wearing a sweatsuit, as he climbs on an elliptical machine. As Lacy starts to work out on the machine, sweat from his plastic suit is funneled into a cup, and by the time we saw the cup and who was standing around (Steve-O), we knew what was about to happen.

Before Steve-O could drink from the sweat cup, several crew members start losing it and begin vomiting just thinking about what is going to happen in the next few minutes. Not to be outdone by all the vomit in the room, Steve-O does what he does best and drinks from the cup. Almost immediately, he begins to throw up, which starts another chain reaction of sweat and vomit.

Steve-O prepares for the worst imaginable fate

1. Poo Cocktail Supreme (Jackass 3D)

Last but definitely not least, we have the most stomach-churning stunt to ever be featured in any version of Jackass. The following stunt, without a doubt, is the most disgusting thing the guys ever did on the show or in a movie. Also, it’s perfect for this list because it stomach-churning for more than one reason, as we’re about to find out.

The “Poo Cocktail Supreme” is the last stunt to be performed in Jackass 3D, and the guys really went all out for this monumental feat in filmmaking. At the beginning of the segment, Steve-O is secured to a Porta Potty that has been transformed into a carnival ride fixed with two large bungee cords. Steve-O is then shot up into the air but comes crashing down to the ground with a day’s worth of urine, feces, and all sorts of nastiness covering his entire body.

It is truly the most disgusting part of the movie and the entire franchise.

There you have it. Those are the 10 most stomach-churning Jackass stunts we could find from the ever-popular franchise. Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know!

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