The 10 Most Dangerous Stunts Of Jackass, An Infographic

Jackass 3D arrives in theaters this weekend and while many may be ready to dismiss Johnny Knoxville and the gang as just a bunch of idiots, we're not. Sure they're idiots, but they're really brave idiots willing to risk life and limb for your entertainment. It's more than just scat jokes, they're modern day daredevils and sometimes their stunts go so far that it's a miracle at least one of them hasn't ended up dead yet.

This weekend Jackass 3D will show up with a whole new host of stupidly death defying stunts, but before that we're taking a look back at the most deadly Jackass moments of the past. Here they are, the ten most dangerous stunts of Jackass… so far:

most dangerous jackass stunts

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