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Zomebieland: Double Tap's 'Mouth Goo' Is Even More Disgusting When You Know What's In It

Zomebieland: Double tap cast

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Zombieland: Double Tap may not have been a movie that was embraced by fans and critics quite as strongly as the original was. However, it was, by most accounts a perfectly solid action comedy that was enjoyable for the time you spent with it. If nothing else, the movie was still an impressive balance of laugh out loud comedy, and zombie-blasting action.

Having said that, your zombie-blasting action is only as good as your zombies, and so Zombieland: Double Tap went the extra mile to make their walking dead as scary and as gross as possible, to make them feel like a real threat. A big part of that, as it turns out, was "mouth goo." No zombie is worth a damn if it's not spitting up blood while it moans at you, and in this exclusive clip, coming out ahead of Zombieland: Double Tap's Digital release, we learn just where that disgusting stuff came from. Check it out.

Using chocolate sauce for blood has been a classic technique that goes back to the days of black and white film and while chocolate and coffee are two great flavors that belong together, there's something really wrong with the idea of chocolate sauce mixed with instant coffee crystals to create the "mouth goo" for Zombieland: Double Tap. One of thew actors says the whole thing tastes like chocolate and chemicals, which would seem to indicate that's more in the mixture than just coffee. If nothing else the texture of that seems awful, and the idea of playing a zombie in the movie and having that in your mouth at all times seems far from pleasant.

And from what we learn here, the zombie actors did have this stuff in their mouth at all times, as director Reuben Fleischer was of the opinion that one can never have too much "mouth goo." One can only imagine how much of this mixture the movie went through over the course of production.

And it certainly worked. Zombie's in Zombieland are as creepy and disturbing as anything in The Walking Dead. While comedy is a big part of the Zombieland movies, that comedy works, in part, because the rest of the movie feels like any of the multitude of zombie apocalypse movies we've seen in the last few decades. The only thing that's different about this one is that the characters have a sense of humor.

So why not spend Christmas with a bunch of zombies and endless gallons of mouth goo? Zombieland: Double Tap gets its Digital HD release tomorrow, Christmas Eve, making it the perfect holiday movie, if your idea of the perfect holiday movie involves shotgun blasts to the face. The movie hits DVD, 4K and Blu-ray on January 21.

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