Do You Care About Star Wars As Much As You Used To?

I like Star Wars. I’d describe my interest in it as higher than most other franchises. I’ve seen each of the movies, most of them multiple times. I can probably name 25 characters, which feels like a high number, at least to me, and I have probably spent between 6 and 10 total hours of my life participating in arguments about where the movies should go.

But I do not love Star Wars. Even though I care about the franchise, I cannot in good conscience say I love it because I have seen how much other people love it. I have been to Star Wars Celebration and seen the elaborate costumes and heard people laugh at jokes I didn’t get. I’m in, but I’m not all-in.

I say all that because I think it’s important context when I admit I’m neither more nor less excited about Star Wars right now than I was five years ago. To me, the movies have been a perfectly nice way to spend a couple of hours. I’ve had some issues. I’ve watched some moments I’ve enjoyed. On the whole, it has been a completely neutral experience. When I talk to others, however, especially others who openly love Star Wars, there opinions seem to have changed quite a bit.

Some of them use words like “frustrated” and “disappointed” and have told me they just don’t care nearly as much anymore. Others have told me the exact opposite. The new trilogy has opened up completely new plotlines in the larger universe. They are loving the Mandalorian, and their investment in Star Wars has never been more passionate or higher than it is right now.

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So, I’m writing this article to try and figure out where the truth lies. I want you to be as honest as possible, both in the poll and in the comment section, about where your head is at right now. Do you care about Star Wars as much as you used to? Are you as much or more in on the fandom right now, or has your passion slowly lessened as you’ve gotten older and the franchise has released new movies you might not connect with as much?

Hit up the poll below (and the comment section) and just lay it all out there. I’ll be eagerly checking the results and trying to make sense out of what they might mean for Star Wars’ future trajectory.

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