Cats Is So ‘Horrible’ It Actually Left Theater Junkie Evan Rachel Wood ‘Speechless’


There are two types of people in this world those that have seen Cats and those that are avoiding it because they talked to somebody who had seen it. The film is somewhat unique in the way it has seemingly galvanized people in horror. Whether your issue with Cats is carried over from the Broadway show, it has almost no plot and what it has doesn't make much sense, or if your issue is more specific to the film, the Island of Dr. Moreau rejects that make up the characters of the film, there is plenty to not love about Cats.

And yet, Evan Rachel Wood, the star of Westworld and Frozen II, still wasn't quite prepared for what she saw. The actress took to Twitter to voice her shock. Wood wasn't unprepared for the badness, but was unprepared for the level of badness, saying the movie was "actually worse than I thought it would be. And I already thought it would be horrible. But….I am actually speechless."

Evan Rachel Wood then took to Instagram to drop a series of F-bombs to continue to show her shock regarding how amazing the movie was.

What's most interesting about Evan Rachel Wood's particular level of disbelief is that she focuses quite strongly on the film's choreography. She takes issue with the fact that the dance moves were changed from the stage version, which shows that she knows the play from Broadway well, and, we can assume, doesn't hate it like this. It seems in this case Wood is mostly frustrated with the movie as an adaptation, which is actually a unique view among those that are being critical of the film.

Even Rachel Wood eventually deleted her initial takes on Cats. She posted later to Twitter that, while she doesn't take back anything she said, she was afraid that people would read into her tweet incorrectly, and she wanted to set the record straight.

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Evan Rachel Wood doesn't want her negative comments to blow back on the cast, who weren't the ones that made the decisions that she disagrees with so strongly. Wood had spoken on Instagram about her theater background, and how she was previously married to a dancer, and thus understood that profession well. Ultimately, it seems Cats the movie fails to properly represent and honor the stage show from which it came.

If you loved Cats on Broadway, it seems Cats is a bad movie. If you've never seen Cats on Broadway, it seems Cats is a bad movie. And yet, no movie that has had so small a box office opening is getting talked about quite the way Cats is. This movie is something truly unique. At this point, it feels like those that are going to see it are doing so just to experience the spectacle of it all.

Dirk Libbey
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