What Blows Evan Rachel Wood’s Mind About Her Sweet Frozen II Lullaby

Evan Rachel Wood as Iduna singing All Is Found with young Anna and Elsa
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Along with Frozen II advancing the stories of the beloved characters introduced in the original movie back in 2013, the sequel also introduces some new voices into the mix. Evan Rachel Wood plays Queen Iduna, the mother of Anna and Elsa. Although Frozen fans know the character’s fated shipwreck, there is more to the fallen Queen of Arendelle, and Wood gets to sing the first song in Frozen II.

“All Is Found” is a sweet lullaby Evan Rachel Wood’s Queen Iduna sings to the sisters when they are young that sets up the new lore being discovered in the film. And because it’s on a Frozen soundtrack, of course it’s going to be put on repeat and sung to in households globally! When CinemaBlend recently sat down with the new additions to the Frozen II cast, Wood and Sterling K. Brown, here’s what they said:

Well, this is adorable! When CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg asked the pair how they feel about entering the franchise that famously collectively got stuck in all our heads, Evan Rachel Wood showed some pure excitement about the idea. The actress talked about how it blows her mind that she’s been singing Disney lullabies to her son since he was a baby and now she gets to sing her own. And thought of other families doing the same – wild!

Frozen II seeks to unravel the mystery of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna’s past and answer some questions about Elsa’s ice powers. Evan Rachel Wood also lends her voice to a show-stopping number called “Show Yourself” with Idina Menzel’s Elsa.

As for Sterling K. Brown, his character of General Mattias doesn’t have a song (although he did once), but at the movie’s premiere he definitely felt the energy of being a part of the Frozen franchise. He described that the lively audience clapped after every music number like it was a Broadway show and tons of people showed up all dressed up. He even spotted a few dressed as his character prior to him being introduced on the big screen!

Disney musicals are so iconic and you can definitely feel how special being a part of one is for Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown! The pair have certainly had major successes in their own rights already, too. Wood is well-known for starring in the HBO hit Westworld and Brown for his role in This Is Us and in Black Panther.

Only time will tell how Frozen II and its songs will affect the masses and if their characters will return in another Frozen sequel. Check out our review for the movie and whether it’s worth it to buy a 3D ticket!

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