Little Women's Greta Gerwig Explains That Sad Photo Of Her Sitting In The Empty Golden Globes Hall

Little Women Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet stare intensely at each other in a field

After this weekend’s Golden Globes saw a lack of wins and an even more egregious dearth of nominations for director Greta Gerwig’s secret box office weapon Little Women, one could be expected to think that she’s not feeling very happy at the moment.

Not to mention, with the presence of this photo we’re about to show you, the case for Gerwig in the potential doldrums would be bolstered. But as it turns out, this moment gave her one hell of a story to tell, with possibly the sickest of burns and the best plant based soup in L.A.

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As you’ll see, the photo is of Greta Gerwig sitting at her table alone, in mid-conversation with some of the other folks who also decided to show up to Sunday’s 77th annual Golden Globes early. However, there’s more of a story to why she was an early bird to this particular awards show, which was told as follows:

I was two hours early to this, and I was in an empty banquet hall. Because I was actually not nominated, my brilliant actress Saoirse Ronan was nominated for her performance, my composer Alexandre Desplat was nominated for his work. But I was not nominated, and I was there to support Noah (Baumbach). And he was doing all this press, but I was just there early. So I was in this banquet hall with no one there, and then I saw all the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press inside. And they were all like ‘We voted for you,’ and I was like ‘Well, you didn’t. Because I didn’t get nominated. So maybe one of you did, but it’s not possible that all of you did.’

If you ever wondered what it’s like to show up to a Hollywood awards show early, then Greta Gerwig’s story probably has you wanting to get to your next function a little earlier, if only to see events like these transpire first hand.

While she’s been optimistic about how Little Women’s snubs are the sort of signal the industry kind of needs at this particular moment in time, Ms. Gerwig certainly wouldn’t be frowned upon for her bluntly honest call out during the pre-show chats she’s had at the Golden Globes.

Though what’s even more interesting is part of what Greta Gerwig did to pass the time during those two hours. Which, as she revealed during her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, involved a lot of butternut squash soup:

But I sat there alone. And we had a wonderful plant based meal, and I ate so many people’s soups. Because they were gonna take them away before people arrived. And I was like ‘I gotta eat all this soup! It’s a problem!’ So I ate a lot of soup.

With an early awards setback, a quick clapback, and a lot of soup behind her, Greta Gerwig might have a better time next Monday morning, when the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards are announced. As we’ve seen in the past, films and directors that failed to catch the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s eye have gone on to pick up some nominations for the Oscars on the rebound.

Should the morning not break the way she hopes it would, it might be a good time to send Ms. Gerwig some soup; if only so that it could fuel her soul and her work on the next potential creative endeavor she undertakes.

Little Women is in theaters now, with the Academy Award nominations set to potentially redeem this well regarded film on January 13th.

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