The One Frozen II Song Everyone Is Upset Didn’t Get Animated

Elsa, Sven, Olaf and Anna in Frozen II
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SPOILERS are ahead for Frozen II.

Frozen II was one of 2019’s big hits, but we saw that one coming, didn’t we? When Anna and Elsa were first introduced to audiences back in 2013, they became part of our collective pop culture, and this has continued with its sequel. The Oscar-nominated Best Original Song “Into the Unknown” is another unforgettable melody in Disney’s songbook.

But not every song developed for Frozen II ended up making the cut into the final film. Along with the release of the soundtrack, four outtakes were included on the tracklist for fans to imagine what could have been. On the home release of Frozen II, there will also be a “Deleted Songs” featurette on the bonus features.

Ahead of the Blu-ray hitting shelves, CinemaBlend’s Senior Video Producer Jeff McCobb sat down with Frozen II’s producer Peter Del Vecho and writer/directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee to ask about the cut songs they wished made it into the movie. Check it out:

The one song the Frozen II filmmakers were most bummed about not getting to animate was “Home.” It’s another solo song by Kristen Bell’s Princess Anna toward the beginning of the movie. The track gives more context to Anna’s personal journey in the sequel as she describes her love for Arendelle and her longing to “give them more.” It later culminates into her becoming ruler of the lands as Elsa takes charge of the outskirts at the end of the film. Listen to the song here:

“Home” would have been a great addition to Frozen II because in the final version, we don’t really know what’s going on in Anna’s head until the second act. It was likely cut because she sings early on in “Some Things Never Change” and has a solo song with “The Next Right Thing.” As Jennifer Lee explained to CinemaBlend, there was a really exciting concept for the animation for “Home,” but it was incredibly complicated as well.

When the song was cut from the movie, it was upsetting to those involved in the production, but it did save them quite a bit of extra work. In the interview, Chris Buck also mentions another song called “Get This Right,” which he wishes could have made its way into Frozen II. The song is a duet between Anna and Kristoff as he struggles to propose to her. It would have changed Frozen II because at the end of the song, Anna proposes to Kristoff instead. Listen to “Get This Right”:

Along with these outtakes, there is also another one called “I Seek The Truth” between Anna and Elsa, and another fun song for Olaf called “Unmeltable Me.” In the final cut, seven music sequences are present in the movie. When we polled CinemaBlend readers about their favorite Frozen II outtake, “Get This Right” was the favorite at 46%. “I Seek The Truth” was second at 30%, “Home” third at 19% and “Unmeltable Me” at dead last with 3% interest.

Frozen II is available to own on Digital today and is coming to Blu-Ray on February 25.

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