Sonic The Hedgehog's Director Can't Stop, Won't Stop Celebrating Its Record Breaking Opening

Sonic the Hedgehog

Over President’s Day weekend, Sonic the Hedgehog defied all expectations with a record-breaking performance at the box office. Naturally everyone involved in the film was thrilled, and star Ben Schwartz, who voices the titular character, and director Jeff Fowler both took to social media to express their gratitude. Well, as Sonic’s box office continues to rise, Jeff Fowler can’t stop, won’t stop celebrating the film and its record-breaking opening. Take a look:

As you can see, Jeff Fowler is pretty much on cloud nine at the moment following Sonic the Hedgehog’s opening weekend. Who could blame him? Sonic is Jeff Fowler’s feature directorial debut, and despite the various slings and arrows the Blue Blur faced on his way to theater screens, the movie was an instant, record-breaking hit.

In his post on Twitter, Jeff Fowler shows some happy pictures from the set and the promotional tour for the film with himself and some of the cast, like Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey and Tika Sumpter. Jeff Fowler’s tweet isn’t only one of celebration, even though he definitely has plenty to celebrate; it’s also one of gratitude.

The director, who has been especially forthcoming on social media about Sonic the Hedgehog, once again shows his gratitude here after the numbers came in for the film’s record-breaking four-day opening weekend. Not only does he thank the cast, crew and everyone who made the film possible, but also the fans for sticking with the movie and actually turning up opening weekend to make Sonic the Hedgehog a success.

And that’s exactly what Sonic the Hedgehog is: a success. Jeff Fowler’s movie made $58 million over its first three days, besting Detective Pikachu to become the biggest opening ever for a video game movie. Counting President’s Day on Monday, Sonic the Hedgehog made $70 million over four days, according to Deadline, giving it the fourth-best opening over that holiday weekend of all time. Add to that an A grade on CinemaScore and a 94% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, and there’s a lot to be thankful for.

He may not have had a true hit video game since the '90s, but the hedgehog still has it. You have to feel happy for Jeff Fowler and everyone involved in Sonic the Hedgehog. It wasn’t that long ago that this film was the bane and laughingstock of the internet following the first trailer, a foreboding sign that the Sonic movie would never get out of the starting gate.

The filmmakers clearly took the criticism to heart. Along the way, Jeff Fowler let fans know that they were heard and he ultimately delivered on the promised changes. He obviously cared, and so too did star and unabashed Sonic fan Ben Schwartz. So to see that the fans actually show up and Jeff Fowler and company get to reap the rewards is quite heartening.

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