Final Black Widow Trailer Shows Taskmaster In All His Full, Menacing Power

Taskmaster in Black Widow

Black Widow prequel footage has been rolling out slowly but steadily over the last several months and I'm not going to lie this final trailer gives us the fullest picture of the upcoming Scarlett Johansson starrer yet. If you'd like to see more of what Taskmaster will be up to in the upcoming movie or see more about what the relationship between Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson's characters will be like, Marvel has you covered with one final trailer for the new movie.

There’s a lot to entice summer-movie fans here, as well as a ton of footage to get Marvel fan amped. But it’s Taskmaster who really caught our eye, as the villain of Black Widow is going to be unlike anything we have ever seen on screen in a Marvel movie.

Based on some of the snippets that are included in this final, full Black Widow trailer, I’m beginning to think that Taskmaster has been studying all of the members of The Avengers as he prepares for this fight with Black Widow. So while we see him wielding a bow similar to Hawkeye in the picture at the top of this story, we also see him doing physical things that suggest he’s also versed in the fighting styles of Natasha and even Steve Rogers.

Taskmaster and his shield

This leads me to believe that Natasha might be going up against an adversary who possesses all of the fighting skills of EVERY Avenger, and that sounds too cool for words. For those unaware, Taskmaster mirrors an opponent’s moves, studying them so intricately that he essentially becomes the person he is trying to beat. If he’s the perfect version of every member of The Avengers, Nat will have her hands full.

Luckily, she isn’t doing it alone, as this final Black Widow trailer leans even further into the role Florence Pugh plays in the upcoming Marvel movie. Essentially playing Natasha’s sister (though I think that’s more in name, and less in blood relation), she will team with Black Widow to take down the spy program that turned them into international killing machines. We saw how Natasha’s time in training continued to haunt her after Scarlet Witch messed with her brain in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Black Widow has unfinished business, and she’ll take care of it in this new movie.

Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow will be the first of two Marvel movies dropping into theaters in 2020. After retreating into the past, Marvel Studios expects to lay the groundwork for an exciting future  with The Eternals, November’s origin story that will introduce a team of warriors who have been around for thousands of years, protecting our planet from a threat known as Deviants. Hopefully we see a tease from that movie soon, because it’s a huge unknown right now, and some footage would go a long way towards getting people excited for what’s to come!

Jessica Rawden
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