Why It’s Better Not To Know Who Jeremy Camp Is Before Seeing I Still Believe

KJ Apa as Jeremy Camp in I Still Believe
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For the past decade, the Erwin Brothers have been highlighting inspiring true stories with their emotional faith-based movies such as I Can Only Imagine, October Baby and Woodlawn. Next, the filmmakers have tackled the story of Christian singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp with I Still Believe starring Riverdale’s Archie Andrews, K.J. Apa strumming on the guitar and singing his early hits.

It’s a love story that doesn’t demand audiences to be fans of the Jeremy Camp’s music to enjoy its themes of hope and heartbreak. CinemaBlend’s own Jeff McCobb went in blind when he caught I Still Believe and admitted this to the cast of the Lionsgate film during his recent interview with them. However, they were especially excited for more audiences such as him to experience Jeremy Camp’s story without context into his career. Check out the interview below:

As K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson touched upon, they’re actually really excited for people who don’t know Jeremy Camp to witness his story in I Still Believe. The movie tracks the singer’s life when he’s about twenty years old and just starting to see his music career take off. He meets his first love, Robertson’s Melissa Henning and they instantly form a connection.

During the Los Angeles press day, Jeff McCobb also spoke to Jeremy Camp himself who has enjoyed the reactions of people who didn’t know the details of his young love story and have shared their positive experiences with it. The Erwin brothers even thought those who are going into it blind might even like the movie even more not knowing about the coming journey.

At its core, I Still Believe is about the struggle the young couple face when Melissa gets diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Jeremy Camp’s parents are played by Shania Twain and Gary Senise, who is a pastor. Jeremy’s faith is tested but these tough experiences also inspired some of his most well-known hit songs.

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K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson previously showed off their chemistry in 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose, which went on to make $205 million worldwide. Faith-based movies are often sneaky hits at the box office and Apa certainly has a Riverdale following. I Still Believe recently debuted with a 42% Rotten score on RT, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out how audiences feel about the music biopic.

I Still Believe goes up against Vin Diesel’s latest action film Bloodshot, the controversial horror film The Hunt and Coronavirus concerns that continue to sweep around the world. Tons of public gatherings have recently been cancelled, but most theaters are up and running. I Still Believe is predicted to open this weekend with $11 to $14 million. The movie is playing in theaters now.

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