Will Disney’s Jungle Cruise Be Delayed Too? Here’s What The Rock Said

The Rock in Jungle Cruise

Hollywood has basically closed for business at this point as movie theaters have closed, which isn't that big a deal since all major theatrical releases have been shelved for the next several weeks. Beyond that most, television and film production has closed down because making entertainment simply requires too many people in one place. At this point nobody knows how long this might be going on, and even Dwayne Johnson admits that his next film, Disney's Jungle Cruise, which is not set for release until late July, might not come out on time.

In a recent Instagram video talking to fans, Dwayne Johnson answered a number of fan questions regarding his personal life, and the upcoming Black Adam movie, which is being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Collet Serra also directed the upcoming Jungle Cruise, and when Johnson briefly mentioned that film's summer release, he followed it up by saying...

Maybe. Hopefully! We'll see if we're gonna come out this summer. It all depends, we will continue to gauge our global situation, and we'll see.

At this point, movies with previous release dates into May, like Black Widow and Woman in the Window have been pulled from release with only "to be determined" left in their place. At this point, nobody really knows how long social distancing protocols are going to be in effect, how long theaters will be closed or how long studios will hold releases. At this point the best case scenario is that nothing else gets delayed, but even that only puts things back to normal in the latter part of May.

A worst case scenario would see film continue to be delayed into June or longer, so while seeing Jungle Cruise get pulled in late July may seem wild right now, if we're all still here doing the same thing in a month or more, it will seem less crazy then.

And even if things are back to normal by June or July or even earlier, it, of course, doesn't mean that we're still not going to see more massive shifts in the release calendar. The ripple effect of the moves we've seen, combined with the various production delays, could continue for the next couple years.

Disney is going to need to find new release dates for Mulan and Black Widow if not more and the easiest way to do that is set them on dates that Disney already has on the calendar, so even if we're all back in theaters by July 24, the current Jungle Cruise release date, it's possible Jungle Cruise could get moved and we'll all be watching Black Widow on that day instead.

At this point, expect Disney, and all other studios to release revised release calendars once things are back to some semblance of normal, but until we know when that will be, it's all going to remain in a state of flux.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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