Chris Pratt Talks Rewarding Parenting Moments, Watching Pixar Movies With His Kid

Chris Pratt in Onward and In Jurassic World

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Chris Pratt was a big fan of Pixar movies long before Disney and Pixar ever asked him to start in the recent movie Onward. However, the actor has admitted that Pixar movies actually became even more incredible once he became a parent.

In a joint interview with Tom Holland, Chris Pratt explained how he had always like Pixar’s The incredibles, but that being able to watch the film with his son Jack really drove home one of the major joys of parenting. According to Pratt,

Incredibles was my son’s favorite movie for a long time. He loved Dash and he loved those characters. One of the many beauties of having a child is being able to revisit films that you’ve loved yourself, so, one day hopefully young man [Tom Holland] you’ll be able to watch those same movies with your own son.

In the interview with Popsugar, Chris Pratt explained his point of view to Tom Holland, before telling the young Spider-Man and Onward actor it’s something for him to look forward to with his own kids down the road. Given Holland is only 23-years-old, we may be waiting a while for his own Pixar movie/parenting thoughts. However, interestingly Holland also admitted he’d hoped he could play a teenage version of Dash previously before we knew what Incredibles 2 was about. That's the type of high-energy role he'd probably excel at.

Chris Pratt recently married Katherine Schwarzenegger following a high-profile courtship and engagement that even included some nerves when Pratt had to approach her famous dad Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though he's embarked on a new relationship, Pratt and his former wife Anna Faris have been open about co-parenting their son Jack in the past and Faris has even joked about making Jack watch her and Pratt’s movies before.

We make him watch our films on a daily basis. He loves Observe and Report on my end [and] Scary Movie 1 through 4.

She was seemingly kidding about the R-rated movies, but given Chris Pratt is now in Pixar’s Onward there’s another movie meant for Jack's age demographic he can now watch that his famous dad stars in. Pratt also previously has done voice work for The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, among other roles.

Anna Faris has also been involved with kid-oriented franchises, including Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Emoji Movie. So, they can take their kid to some premieres.

Chris Pratt has been extremely open (opens in new tab) about wanting more kids with Katherine Schwarzenegger, so in the future, he’ll likely be able to revisit his favorite Pixar movies once more and then see them through another young person’s eyes.

Until then, you can catch the actor in action this week. After a shorter-than-usual run at the box office, the Pixar movie ultimately opted to hit homes early and is available starting this week. For more on the full and ever-changing list of early releases, take a look at our full guide.

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