Mike Lowrey Hilariously Explains He’s Not A Dad While Holding Baby In Bad Boys For Life Deleted Scene

bad Boys for Life

A host of new movies have been released on digital platforms early as a result of shuttered movie theaters. It's been giving all of us something to watch while we're stuck indoors. Now, however, it's time for what might turn out to be one of the biggest digital releases of the year, because it's currently the number one box office movie of 2020 as well. Bad Boys for Life injected some true life into the January box office, and on the eve of its digital release, it's teasing us with special features, including deleted scenes.

One of those deleted scenes is in the new special features preview video. It shows Will Smith's Mike Lowrey with his partner Marcus' grandchild, explaining that the kid isn't actually his to an attractive woman. Check out the clip, along with the other special features in the video below.

The rest of the video shows off a lot of behind the scenes footage, including the stunts, which have always been a key part of the Bad Boys franchise. While the new film wasn't directed by Michael Bay, it certainly tried to live up to that standard.

A number of films that came out after Bad Boys for Life are already available on digital platforms, as the decision was made to release many films that had been in theaters early. This means that everything from Birds of Prey to Pixar's Onward has already been available for fans to watch. Bad Boys for Life is hitting digital a little earlier than we might expect, but not by a huge margin. The physical disc release will hit in mid April, though one wonders, under the circumstances, how easy it will be to get a Blu-ray of the movie at that point.

I have no idea how much the average home movie watcher dips into the special features of a film, but I feel like the percentage that do will only increase in the current environment. If you're looking for something new to watch, maybe you'll check out the deleted scenes and outtakes when you might not have before, just for the sake of having something new to watch.

Bad Boys for Life was, according to most critics, just a lot of fun, and that's probably what a lot of people need right now. Based on the video preview, the special features are going to be equally fun, with a lot of funny outtakes from the set.

Based on the success of Bad Boys for Life, it seems likely a fourth film is on the way. Of course, under the circumstances any forward momentum on that has almost certainly stalled. We won't hear anything about it until things have returned to some form of normal.

Bad Boys For Life arrives on Digital on March 31 and will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K disc on April 21.

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