The Dark Knight Actor Jay Benedict Has Died From Coronavirus

Jay Benedict in Aliens special edition

The world is attempting to stem the tide of coronavirus, but while most of us are safe and social distancing, others have to deal with the virus itself. While only a small percentage of those impacted are in any danger, for those that danger is very real, and Hollywood is beginning to truly see that as the virus has taken yet another victim. Actor Jay Benedict, who was seen in movies from Aliens to The Dark Knight Rises.

Jay Benedict had over 120 acting credits that ran from 1963 through 2017. He had one project, a horror film called Scarefest, reportedly in post-production at the time of his death. He died just days before his 69th birthday, on April 4. The news of Benedict's Death came via his management team.

Jay Benedict is likely one of those actors whose face you would recognize even if you didn't know his name. He had roles in all sorts of movies and television shows. He also did voice work in a number of animated shows and video games. He was seen in small roles in The Dark Knight Rises but his biggest role might actually be the one that was almost never seen. Benedict played the role of Newt's father in James Cameron's Aliens, a part that was originally edited out of the theatrical release in the film, but would be restored in a later special edition.

However, Jay Benedict's major contribution to the industry came behind the scenes. He was the company director for Sync Or Swim, a UK based company that handled ADR and voice work in the industry. While you may not recognize Jay Benedict's face from the movies, you likely have heard the results of his work as the company did work on numerous films and television series over the years.

The news of Jay Benedict's death follows that of Lee Fierro, who had a memorable role in Jaws, and died of complications due to coronavirus. We've seen actors from Tom Hanks to Idris Elba diagnosed with the illness. It's unfortunate, but quite likely, that this won't be the last Hollywood obituary related to coronavirus. While most who contract the virus recover, the elderly or those with other health problems are particularly susceptible. Which is why so much of the world is simply staying at home and keeping their distance in hopes that the virus can be stopped.

There's been an outpouring of love on social media from those that knew Jay Benedict personally, mostly from his work in the ADR world.

Jay Benedict leaves behind two sons Leo and Freddie, and a wife Phoebe Scholfied.

Dirk Libbey
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