Why Making The Invisible Man Reminded The Director Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Elisabeth Moss in The Invisible man

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The Invisible Man was a tense thriller that took a classic story and infused it with very modern themes. It's the sort of movie that wouldn't have been made in any other era, and yet, In an exclusive clip that is part of the film's Digital release today, director Leigh Whannell says making the movie reminded him of an ageless movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Specifically, Leigh Whannell says that making the movie was like running from the boulder that chases Indiana Jones, only instead of just having to run for a few seconds, you have to keep ahead of it for a lot longer. Check out the clip below.

The clip shows off the first day of filming of The Invisible Man, and while everything appears to be going quite smoothly in what we see, Leigh Whannell is apparently already feeling the pressure even after one day. Certainly, trying to keep everything on budget and within schedule at the same time in an exercise in spinning plates, or in his analogy, running from a boulder trying to crush you, that never really ends until the movie is actually done.

On the plus side, Leigh Whannell successfully avoided being crushed by the boulder. In fact, he didn't just survive but he made a movie that thrived. The Invisible Man is one of the best reviewed films of the year. On Rotten Tomatoes, the only 2020 films with a better average score, 1917, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire were technically released in 2019, and only saw wide release in 2020.

The movie also did remarkably well at the box office, having grossed over $120 million worldwide in only two weekends. Since the movie had an incredibly small budget, it was essentially instantly profitable.

It likely would have been an even bigger hit at the box office if theaters hadn't closed in mid-March. This resulted in The Invisible Man becoming one of the first Premium VOD films, it was released on digital platforms for a 48-hour rental at a price of $19.99. Now that the movie has reached its standard digital release window, the movie can be purchased for less than that.

Now the question will become, how does the Premium VOD release impact the normal digital release of the film. With many people having already seen the film at home, will there be the same interest in picking up a digital copy now? It's one of the many questions which have yet to be answered as the film industry continues to adjust to the current lockdown situation.

The Invisible Man is available today via VOD, and will hit Digital HD on May 12 It will arrive on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K UHD on May 26.

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