3 Extraction Villains Who Never Got Their Comeuppance

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Netflix's Extraction. Read at your own risk!

Chris Hemsworth's Extraction has a lot of villains in it, but thanks to his character Tyler Rake, a lot of them are taken care of by the movie's end. A few do manage to slip through the cracks in this fantastic film from Netflix, however, and avoid any real repercussions despite being truly despicable people.

For those a bit hazy on who, this list highlights three characters in particular worthy of at least a swift kick to the groin if not much more. Take a look at these despicable villains, what they did in Extraction, and why I'm hoping they get some form of karma headed their way in Extraction 2.

Ovi Sr. in Extraction Netflix

Ovi Mahajan Sr.

Though he was imprisoned for the entirety of Extraction, there's an argument to be made that Ovi Mahajan Sr. is the greatest villain of the movie. His crime lord actions put his son (Ovi Jr.) at risk to begin with, and made him a target to begin with. Mahajan Sr. then made things much more complicated in burning Tyler Rake's extraction team, hoping to skip the bill by sending in his own men to kill them and retrieve Ovi.

Ovi Mahajan Sr. put his son's life in danger with his actions, as well as his henchmen Saju's family if he didn't carry on with the plan. Ultimately, Saju lost his life trying to protect Ovi and Tyler, leaving behind a son and wife. So much bloodshed in this movie happens on his account, and yet he isn't even seen in the story for a single frame.

If there's one villain I absolutely need to see in Extraction 2, it's Ovi Mahajan Sr. I would think it's a safe bet he'll be involved in the story in some way given he's Ovi's father, and Ovi seems to have reunited with Tyler Rake at the movie's end. That said, it's anyone's guess as to how he'll inject himself into the story, or if he'll be interested in retrieving his son now that he's presumably out of harm's way.

Shadek Extraction Netflix


Shadek is a relatively minor character in Extraction, but his first scene in the movie leaves quite an impact. Shadek is first seen probing children for answers on who stole money from Amir Asif, and when no answers were given, launched a child off the rooftop. He does this without so much as flinching, and was fully prepared to toss another kid from the building had Farhad not stepped forward and offered an explanation for Asif's stolen property.

From that point on, Shadek is seen at Amir Asif's side all the way up until the Bangladeshi crime boss' death at the end of the movie. We don't see what happens to Shadek, what his role is within the organization, or if he was taken out shortly after. It's a real shame for me personally, because that guy really needed to be thrown off a building for some poetic justice.

I'd like to see Shadek come back into the story in Extraction 2, if only to see Tyler Rake put a bullet in his head. Or, if Farhad becomes a larger presence, perhaps he'll rise through the ranks of the Bangladeshi crime scene and bring Shadek to justice himself? He may not have been the best of friends with those other kids on the roof, but he did protect them once that first kid went flying over the ledge. I just can't sit with such a powerful scene going unpunished, and really hope someone addresses it in the next movie.

Farhad Extraction Netflix


Even given the ending of the movie, it's hard not to empathize with Farhad in Extraction. His act of bravery to spare the younger children is commendable, and while he immediately jumps into the service of Amir Asif when given the opportunity, you can understand he's in a position where he doesn't have a lot of options. Then again, maybe he was the kid that stole from Asif in the first place, and a lot less noble of a person than he may seem.

He certainly had no qualms with killing Tyler Rake, or at least trying to anyway. He and his gang of kids were less than successful during the first attempt, and even shooting Tyler in the neck seemed to not take. Of course, we don't know for sure that Rake survived that just yet, though the end scene certainly made it look like that was the case. Still, it seems like a tall order to do Extraction 2 without Chris Hemsworth, so let's be realistic.

If Tyler Rake does survive Extraction, then who better than Farhad to become a franchise enemy? With Amir Asif out of the picture, there's an opportunity for Farhad to rise within the ranks of the Bangladeshi crime scene. It's unclear what his status is at the time of Asif's death, though I'd reckon that "kill shot" on Rake had to do something to help him out within that organization. There's some real potential with this character going forward, so hopefully Extraction 2 takes advantage of that.

Will Any Of These Villains Appear In Extraction 2?

At the moment, we have very few details on Extraction 2 beyond it's happening, which makes anything at the moment pure speculation. With that being said though, the fact that Ovi and Tyler link back up at the film's end make it seem as though their story is not done, and will eventually send them back to India sooner or later.

Ultimately though, we have no idea what the plan is for the franchise's future. Perhaps Tyler will be the Mr. Miaggi to Ovi's Daniel, and the two will eventually go on action-heavy extraction missions together? It feels more likely Ovi won't be able to learn to become quite that proficient in tactical combat in marksmanship. Personally, I think the sequel will see Ovi's father coming to collect him, and Tyler doing what he can to fend him off.

Extraction is currently available to stream on Netflix. Have a theory on what the sequel will be about? Share it in the comments below and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest and greatest news in movies and television.

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